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Cheeky hairstyles with bangs and glasses: tips and tricks on how to master this interaction optimally

When your bangs and glasses are in harmony, they can work wonders. Together, they can bring out all your best features and frame your face like no other. But which fringe shape goes with which glasses? And what does face shape have to do with it? Stay tuned – in this article you’ll learn how to combine sassy hairstyles with bangs and glasses for different face shapes. We’ll also give you some tips and tricks on how to look your best every day!

Sassy hairstyles with bangs and glasses – Big glasses frames and short hair

Sassy hairstyles with bangs and glasses - big glasses frames and short hair

Short hair and big glasses frames (also known as oversized glasses) are an image for a beautiful and bold woman. In fact, it flatters most women. Just choose the right eyeglass frame shape that fits your face shape, as in normal frame size (round frames are good for square face shapes and vice versa).

A blunt fringe & glasses with D frames are an unbeatable pair.

When your bangs shape and your glasses frame harmonize with each other, they can work wonders

If you’ve been toying with the idea of getting bangs cut for a while, you’ve probably already seen dozens of photos with blunt bangs on Pinterest or Instagram. This is one of the most classic styles, featuring a sharp and flowing cut that falls right at the level of your eyebrows.

To emphasize the “bluntness” of your hairstyle, choose glasses with a straight top and a thicker edge that will complement the texture of your pony and make sure that your eyes are the center of attention.

A blunt fringe and D-frame glasses make an unbeatable pair

This hairstyle is a bold choice and is suitable for ladies with straight and thick hair, oval, triangular and square face shapes, as well as for those with a larger forehead or a longer chin.

Curtain bangs & aviator glasses are one of the best 70s trends that make a comeback in 2023

Curtain bangs & aviator glasses are one of the best 70s trends making a comeback in 2023

Frechе hairstyles with bangs and glasses – For avid fans of the 70s, this next hairstyle is for you. Curtain bangs are a fashionable and low-maintenance hairstyle that goes great with big glasses, especially the 70s-inspired aviator glasses and oversized frames that dominate the eyewear trends in 2023. They accentuate the face like a curtain elegantly draped over a window, and are often accompanied by soft layers that frame the rest of the face.

The best thing about curtain bangs is that it looks good on everyone and especially flatters people with longer faces. And if you have thin hair, this type of bangs will also help add volume and texture to your hairstyle.

Best suited for thin hair, diamond and triangular face shapes, longer faces.

Sassy hairstyles with bangs and glasses – Wolf Cut with square glasses frames.

Sassy hairstyles with bangs and glasses - wolf cut with square glasses

If you’ve been wanting to try the viral Wolf Cut, we recommend adding a textured fringe to give your daring new look even more edge. This retro-modern hairstyle, a mix of mullet and shag, goes naturally with glasses with just as much character.

Since the hairstyle needs some texture to give it shape and volume, it is more suitable for people with thicker strands or with slightly wavy or curly hair. However, if you have finer and straighter hair, you can easily fix this with a few texturizing products.

Best suited for thick and long hair, round, square and heart-shaped face.

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Micro bangs with bob and round frames

Micro bangs with bob and round glasses frames

Sassy hairstyles with bangs and glasses – On the border between playful and bold, micro bangs are definitely something for the adventurous. Underscore the whimsicality of your haircut with equally spectacular glasses frames, such as a vintage round shape in a classic or fun color.

While blunt bangs or curtain bangs are usually recommended for people with longer faces, micro bangs are great for people with a little less space on the forehead, as a shorter fringe won’t cover too much of your face and will show off your features.

Best suited for thick, straight hair, oval face shapes and shorter foreheads.

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Tips on how to keep your bangs and glasses in top shape.

Tips and tricks on how to keep your glasses and bangs in tip-top shape

To make sure your bangs-and-glasses look is always perfect, here are some great tips to make a habit of:

  • Take your glasses with you to your hair appointments: The size and shape of your glasses frame will affect how your bangs sit on your face. Therefore, you should always have your glasses with you when you get your bangs cut so that your hairdresser can also take your glasses into consideration when deciding on the length and overall silhouette of your bangs.
  • Always have a microfiber towel handy: Since your bangs sit directly on your forehead, more oil builds up on your skin, which can transfer to your glasses throughout the day. Therefore, we recommend that you clean your glasses frequently with a microfiber cloth to remove any annoying oil stains that are caused by oil transfer.
  • Prevent your bangs from getting greasy: If your skin is particularly oily, you can always dust a little powder on your bangs to keep them matte. You can also use blotting paper to get rid of oil buildup before it can transfer to your bangs (and glasses).

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