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Care tips for gray hair – With suitable products and home remedies, the silver mane becomes a real eye-catcher

Gray hair is a fact of life for everyone after a certain age. Some have no problem with it, others dislike this condition and try to fight it with suitable cosmetics. In this article we show you our top care tips for gray hair. So the hair splendor can shine again in new splendor!

How does gray hair develop in the first place?

in brunettes gray hair appears even earlier

At what point in life the first gray hairs appear and to what extent they become more, is very individual. As a guideline, experts give the age limit from 40 years, where one begins to gray. It has been proven that during this time the activity of melanocytes decreases. These are responsible for the production of melanin, which produces the pigments that give hair and skin a certain color. The loss of hair pigments is due to different causes from case to case. These include family predispositions, genetic defects, hormonal imbalances, vitamin and nutrient deficiencies, and psychological stress disorders.

More precisely, the hair does not turn gray, but white. The impression of gray hair is mainly caused by the fact that some hairs turn white and others retain their pigments. The result is then the impression of gray hair.

Proper care for gray hair

Businessman with gray hair

Since many people consider gray hair as a blemish and they think that it makes them look older, it is important to use the right care.

Intensive tinting or coloring?

a coloration or intensive tinting helps to cover gray hair

You can already achieve a lot with a caring intensive tint if the gray content of your hair is around 30 percent. If the gray content is higher, you should use a coloration. This is the only way to guarantee thorough gray coverage.

older woman at the hairdresser for gray coverage

If you do not always want to dye your hair, there is also another option. You can likewise make the transition to gray hair through a well-qualified hairdresser. This is done by the hairdresser choosing a slightly lighter base color and covering the roots with several highlights. After a few months, the hair is then completely streaked and the highlights are slowly reduced. In this way, the natural hair color comes out better. This process is lengthy depending on the length of the hair, so clients do not always have the patience for the final result.

Natural home remedies for gray hair

lemon water is a common household remedy for the care of gray hair

Gray hair is the result of the natural aging process of every person. It is worth mentioning that hair thus has new needs at every stage of life. Moisture, shine, smoothness and color strength are lost over time. A natural home remedy to counteract this would be, for example, that you rinse the gray hair with a little lemon juice or even chamomile tea. This is a decidedly gentle care. Consequently, the effect of these home remedies is also rather light and discreet. To additionally protect the gray hair, you should refrain from hot blow-drying, frequent washing and straightening.

Silver shampoo against yellow tinge

gray hair can be styled super

Over time, gray hair can turn yellowish. The so-called yellow tint appears. It is not clear why this occurs. It is assumed that nicotine, sunlight, chlorine as well as the side effects of certain drugs cause it.

at the hairdresser there are special silver shampoos for gray coverage

To neutralize the yellow tint, we recommend using so-called silver shampoos and conditioners that contain blue pigments. The gray ends up looking silvery and radiates a subtle cool undertone. It is important not to use such products too often, otherwise you risk a blue or purple shimmer.

More care tips for gray hair

Аusufficient moisturizing treatments.

good care for gray hair is important

Due to the aging process, apart from the colorants, hair still loses density, elasticity, volume as well as moisture content. As a result, they look brittle, flat and powerless. Therefore, we recommend that you provide your hair with sufficient moisture. Shampoos, conditioners, but also special masks are suitable for this purpose. Our tip is to use those with high keratin and silk protein content. Both provide the gray hair with a lot of moisture. This gives them fullness, suppleness and strength again. Likewise, the extra portion of moisture gives the hair more shine.

A heat protection spray always belongs to it

Care tips for gray hair are important

Styling products such as blow dryers, straighteners and curling irons also spice up gray hair, but at the same time remove moisture from it. Consequently, gray hair can become even more brittle. Therefore, we recommend that you apply a special heat protection spray before any styling procedure. Your hair will be coated so that temperatures of up to 220 degrees do not affect it. At the same time, it is important to spray the hair evenly.

Serum or fluid – a must-have for brittle hair ends

Silver shampoos are among the care tips for gray hair

A serum or fluid is also useful. As a rule, you should massage this weekly after shampooing into the still damp tips. The serum is designed to form a protective film around the dry hair. For a better and sufficient effect of such care products, you should regularly cut the ends of your hair. Otherwise, the split ends formed over time will continue to pull up and this can not be repaired with any care product.

with the right styling gray hair becomes a real eye-catcher

Care tips for gray hair also include paying attention to a healthy and balanced diet, as this strongly affects the hair structure. The production of hair cells is achieved by taking biotin, zinc, iron and vitamins A, B2, B6 and folic acid. You can take these nutrients directly from food or get them in the drugstore as supplements.