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Can you tell which royal lady has short hair now?

A balcony full of royals on the Côte d’Azur, one laughs, waves and is festively styled, hair and make-up included. One royal lady even went one step further and came right out with a completely new short hairstyle. Can you tell who dared to do the radical cut?

Every year, the Monegasques celebrate National Day at the Prince’s Palace with the whole family. In addition to Prince Albert, this includes his nieces and nephews, their children, and his sisters Princess Caroline and Princess Stéphanie. The latter provided the eye-catcher of the day and surprised with a new look: The 56-year-old now wears short hair!

Princess Stéphanie is now wearing short hair

Princess Stéphanie of Monaco beim Nationalfeiertag 2021
Princess Stéphanie shows off garçon cutPhoto: Getty Images

While her older sister Caroline has already been standing by her gray hair for months, mother-of-three St. Stephanie swapped her shoulder-length hair for a garment cut, which means short sides, longer top hair and feathery bangs. Those who choose the cut should know that the hairstyle emphasizes not only the face, but also the shape of the head and neck. Especially women with fine hair love the cut. A perfect style for Stéphanie of Monaco, whose hairstyle now resembles the stylish short haircut of her sister-in-law Charlène ähn!

Princess Stéphanie of Monaco
This is how the Monegasque still looked at her last official event in the summer – with long hairPhoto: Getty Images

The Princess has long been a fan of trendy short hairstyles, wearing pixie and undercut. However, this time she could not participate in the national holiday, because she has already been struggling with health problems for months. Only a few days ago she returned to Monaco after a long stay of her native Südafrika. But already after a few hours it had become clear that "she felt unwell" – said Fürst Albert in an interview with the US magazine People. "She was clearly exhausted, physically and mentally. She was üoverextended and could not face official duties, life in general, or even family life."

However, their conjoined twins Jacques and Gabriella (both 6) paid a s&l;&aprar;t tribute to their mother during the festivities at the palace, holding up paper signs they had painted themselves that read "We love you, Mommy" and "We miss you, Mommy".