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Can hair grow faster thanks to scalp massage?

Cutting off hair is a breeze, but growing it back takes months, if not years. With the so-called Inversion Method, this process is supposed to be boosted – the treatment promises two centimeters longer hair within just one week! Fact or wishful thinking? Tikbow checked with a dermatologist.

The dream of long hair usually requires a long breath. How nice it would be if you could speed it up a bit! The Inversion Method is supposed to help grow hair faster. In detail, this means nothing more than to massage your scalp for a few minutes every day – headüber, optionally with hairöl. This works well, for example, if you dangle your head down from the bed while massaging the scalp. After seven days, hair treated in this way is said to grow by up to two centimeters, claim advocates of the ¨berkopf massage. Dr. Alice Martin, dermatologist and co-founder of the tele-skin practice dermanostic, however, is rather skeptical about this effect.

Inversion Method "medically impossible"

Hair growth is genetically determined. You can’t change it in a big way – to be able to achieve two centimeters per week is a misconception", says the "doctor. The hair grows on average one to maximally two centimeters in the month. That would be eight centimeters a month." From a medical point of view, this result is therefore not possible.

When the inversion method is unsuitable

A well-circulated scalp makes hair grow faster, according to the theory of Inversion Method practitioners. "If I massage my head"over, I can increase the blood flow because the blood can reach the head area better with gravity", confirms Dr. Alice Martin. "However, caution is advised when doing this, especially if you tend to pass out quickly. If you stand up abruptly, you can become dizzy." As a result, severe stürze are possible. If you are fit, you can of course try the inversion method, but it is best to check with a doctor in advance to make sure there is nothing wrong with it.

A head massage keeps skin and hair healthy

The method is certainly a way to stimulate blood flow to the scalp, but it is not a miracle cure, the dermatologist emphasizes. "It’s like a plant: I can use a fertilizer to make it grow well and healthy, but not necessarily faster." But with a scalp massage you generally do yourself some good (not even head"over), says Dr. Martin. Martin: “I can’t increase the hair growth to two centimeters per week, but I make sure that the scalp and the hair stay healthy.” If you like, you can use a lotion or a tonic for this purpose; it’s best to get professional advice beforehand to find out which product suits your skin type.