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Buzz cut for women over 50: so attractive and easy to maintain short hairstyle is also for mature ladies!

As cool as this buzz cut may be, it is one of those cuts that unfortunately do not suit every lady. Unlike longer hairstyles, where the hair frames the face and can hide irregularities in various ways, shaved looks like the buzz cut just bring out every detail of the face and at the same time your makeup or accessories like earrings and face piercings. So before you go for this radical machine cut, be sure that it will look good on you. As for the age, there are no limits. If the facial features fit, the buzz cut can be just as suitable for women over 50 as it is for ladies in their 20s and 30s, and we’ll prove it to you with some inspiring pictures.

What you should know about the haircut

Buzz Cut for women over 50 – How many mm are usual?

Buzz Cut for women over 50 - The usual length is between 3 and 5 mm

You already know that the machine cut is very short. But how short should it be exactly? Surprisingly, you have quite a lot of freedom here – it may be 3 to 15 millimeters and are common for men. Most often buzz cut length for women is chosen from 5 mm, but if you want to approach the look first, you can also opt for the 15 and then gradually go shorter if necessary. If you have naturally thin hair, a few more millimeters is a better choice if you want the scalp to be too visible. This risk is somewhat greater in old age, as hair naturally thins out after a certain moment in most ladies. So, in this case, it is recommended to choose a longer haircut – for example, a length of at least 10 mm.

Hairstyle ideas for older ladies - Blonde long buzz cut

However, you could definitely experiment here. Hair grows back quite quickly, so you don’t have to worry too much if it does accidentally become too short. Just choose a different length next time.

You can even cut the buzz cut for women yourself if you have a suitable hair clipper. Only for the parts at the back of the head a little help might be necessary or at least an additional mirror as an aid.

Does a buzz cut suit me?

The super short machine cut for ladies – It suits these face shapes.

What is particularly important is that the face shape is even and relatively symmetrical – oval, narrow to heart-shaped forms are optimal. Only then will the short haircut suit you. Round or very large face shapes, in turn, turn out to be less suitable. Keep in mind that the more prominent the facial features, the more masculine the look. So, if you are aiming for just such a look, such a face can be quite advantageous. If your face is rather delicate and girlish, you will still keep a very feminine look despite the short hair, which is very close to the fairy-like pixie.

Buzz cut for women over 50 - Jada Smith wears it for health reasons

But not only the face plays an important role. Because the head shape is also presented by the short hair. Here, too, an even skull shape is the optimal variant.

The optimal hair structure and care for the buzz cut for older women

The buzz cut for women over 50 can be up to 15 millimeters long

In principle, the hair structure does not matter as long as it is only to wear the buzz cut for women over 50. However, if you decide to let it grow out again, curly or thick hair may stick out more than finer hair, for example. And gray hair in particular is known to be a bit drier and more unruly. However, this can be quite beneficial and look very interesting. If necessary, however, you can also resort to suitable styling products to tame the hair.

Care and styling

Longer short hairstyle in the direction of more feminine pixie

The care of the buzz cut is not difficult. You don’t really have to style anything there, unless you’ve opted for the longer version that you want to spice up with hair wax or gel every now and then. Otherwise, it’s more the makeup and jewelry that make up the styling here. You can also reshave yourself every now and then – really practical, because it saves time and money for regular cutting of the tips at the hairdresser.

Take a look at some celebrities with the haircut here.

You can cut the buzz cut for women yourself for women

Buzz Cut for women over 50 - Extravagant and beautiful with the right face shape

Peppy short hairstyle for women of all ages

Symmetrical faces also look good with the machine cut.

Toni Collette wears her hair razor short

Buzz cut for women over 50 - Toni Collette and Drew Barrymore

Leave the haircut longer for thin hair

Short hairstyle for thin hair in old age - Do not go too short.

Thick hair in old age is suitable for very short buzz cuts

Shaving gray hair short for a stylish and bold look

Easy to maintain short hairstyle that you can shave yourself

The shape of the head is crucial in the short version

Extravagant and elegant at the same time

Modern and upbeat, the short haircut also looks good on mature women