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Butterfly haircut: the layered cut is the trend hairstyle of the year for women with medium and long hair

Every woman who once had long hair knows the problem: at some point you want to try a new hairstyle, but you just don’t dare to have your hair cut short. A pixie hairstyle looks great, but what if short hair just doesn’t suit me? Then it would just take forever for the hair to grow long again. The butterfly haircut offers an alternative: the layered haircut combines the cool undone look of the short hairstyle with the elegance of long hair. This results in a versatile and changeable haircut.

Short on top, long in the back: the butterfly haircut

Butterfly haircut is trend hairstyle for 2022 top short back long

Short on top, long in the back – the Butterfly haircut is basically a step cut for women with medium length and long hair. A long fringe is styled in the front, reaching the chin and framing the face. At the back of the head, the hair is also cut in steps.

Who does the Butterfly Haircut suit?

New trend hairstyle for women with long hair with waves

The cut has such a decisive advantage: the mane is visually filled and the hairstyle looks voluminous.

Butterfly haircut looks good on women with oval, angular and heart-shaped faces. The steps should be adjusted to the thickness of the hair when cutting. Women with thin hair look best with slightly layered steps. On the other hand, those who have thick hair can opt for separated steps.

Butterfly haircut and highlights: Is it possible?

Butterfly haircut for women with medium length straight hair

Since the hairstyle itself is a bit more specific, the question is: what hair colors go well with it? A midlight – strand technique will compliment the trend hairstyle. Here, a warm shade such as chocolate or honey blonde is taken as a base and combined with lighter highlights.

How can the butterfly haircut be styled?

Haircut trends for 2022 long hair styling

The combination of different lengths offers numerous styling options. You can tie your hair back and in the front it will look like you actually have short hair. With an updo hairstyle can create a similar illusion.

The trend hairstyle of 2022 is unpretentious and suitable for everyday use

Stepped haircut for women with medium length hair.

The structured hairstyle is undemanding and you can keep your hair in shape in everyday life without much effort. Since it works best with curly and wavy hair, women with straight hair can help it with a curling iron. However, you can also style the hairstyle with a blow dryer.

Which stars have opted for the trend hairstyle and how can you style the look?

Trendy haircut for the stars Hailey Steinfield

During the fashion weeks in Paris and Milan it became clear: The new trend hairstyle is called "Butterfly haircut". After the renowned fashion houses have set the tone, true fashionistas from Hollywood have dared to have their hair cut.

Elegant waves à la Hailee Steinfield

easy-care hairstyles for long hair cut for more structure.

Even the young actress Hailee Steinfield now wears her hair short on top, long on the bottom –. If you love to experiment with your hair without sacrificing your long mane, this styling is for you.  As for the color, go for warm chocolate shades.

Who the look suits: Women with wavy and curly hair, with heart-shaped face.

Playful highlights à la Jennifer Lopez

Haircut for long hair blonde highlights

The fashion icon, actress and singer Jennifer Lopez has shown the way. If you want a styling à la Jennifer Lopez, wear your hair loose. The strands in front will gently frame and flatter your face. A new hair color can complete the trendy look. For example, you can take the honey blonde hair color as a base and then spice it up with ash blonde highlights.

Who the look suits: Women with oval or angular faces, with wavy or straight hair.

Everyday styling inspired by supermodels

Haircuts that make young styling highlights

Model Elsa Hosk was also recently spotted with a new hairstyle. Elsa is into her blonde hair with ash blonde highlights. If you decided to go for the cool, everyday styling, then you can put your mane up. Let individual strands fall into your face.

Who the haircut looks good on: Women with angular faces and straight hair.

Butterfly haircut: what you should pay attention to when caring for it.

Haircut ideas for straight hair Butterfly

The butterfly haircut is particularly changeable and offers numerous styling options. If you have decided to go for it, however, you should expect regular visits to the hairdresser. If the hair grows out, the charm of the hairstyle is lost. Regular recoloring of the highlights is also part of the care.

Trend hairstyle 2022 for long hair for more volume

In everyday life, you should also make sure to take care of your long hair. Hair masks and hair treatments can help against split ends and add shine to the hair. You can massage certain home remedies and nourishing oils into the roots. In this way, you will provide them with the necessary vitamins.

Butterfly haircut is trend hairstyle for 2022

properly style long hair tips for girls

The haircut looks especially good on women with an angular and oval face

Butterfly haircut for women with long hair

The Butterfly Haircut can be styled like a step cut

Trend hairstyles 2022 step cut for long hair with waves

It looks good on women with dark hair, as well as with blond hair.

Butterfly haircut step lengths and highlights Hazelnut color as a base and highlights

The layered cut is suitable for everyday use

Short haircut and long hair in one with butterfly hairstyle.

It conjures up more volume

Stepped haircut for thin hairs for more volume