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Brushing, straightening and blow-drying: These are the most coveted hairstyling tools of the year!

You long for a change? A new hairstyle is needed, but you want to avoid drastic cutting? Then the following practical hair tools offer you a solution. Innovations on the hair styling market follow one after the other. It’s hard to keep track of which tools are useful and which you’d rather not invest in. We have found the most popular and useful hair styling tools of the year and would like to present them to you.

You want straight hair – These are the hair styling must-haves.

Must have styling tools for straight hair

Online, on magazine covers or on the screen – Straight hair appears shiny, light and airy. However, the reality is unfortunately usually different. Because straightening the hair with bad tools causes the hair to dry out. These appear brittle or straw-like. In addition, many straightened hair tends to frizz. How to achieve the perfect sleek look that drives all of Hollywood crazy? Quite simply – with the right products and styling tools.

The paddle brush

Paddle brush wonderful for straightening hair

Die Profis von Schwarzkopf empfehlen ein simples Tool, das jedoch bei keinem Styling Equipment fehlen darf: The paddle brush. Bei dieser Bürste handelt es sich um eine sehr breite sowie lange Bürste. Die zahlreichen Borsten greifen tief in das Haar ein, ziehen es glatt und halten es in Form. Die Anwendung ist dabei kinderleicht und benötigt nur weniger Übung. Das noch feuchte Haar sollte mit einem Hitzeschutzspray gesättigt werden. Anschließen können Sie die Haare wie gewohnt trockenföhnen – dabei jedoch stetig mit der Bürste durch das Haar kämmen. So kommt es zu einer Glättung der Haarstruktur, die bis zur nächsten Haarwäsche hält.

The smoothing brush

Straighten hair without hair dryer with electric straightening brush

Those who struggle with the interaction of brush and hairdryer can also use a straightening brush. These brushes are simply plugged into the socket and heat up afterwards. Thus, you can automatically straighten and brush the hair. Such a tool is always suitable when you need to do it quickly. This is because the brush only needs to be run through the hair several times to achieve the first visible results. In doing so, it is easy to bring the hair into shape. If you pull the brush in straight lines towards the bottom, smoothed strands of hair are created. On the other hand, if you want a slight swing at the end of the strand, perform a slight twist of the wrist.

Anti-frizz effect desired

Use straightening iron with anti-frizz effect

Whether combed straight or shaped with a straightening iron, anyone who tends to have natural curls or waves is familiar with the following scenario. Leaving the house in the morning, you already feel light drizzle or high humidity. After just a few minutes, perfectly straightened hair is saturated with moisture, which leads to the formation of small frizzy hairs on the head. Against this frizz helps the use of special straighteners. During straightening, you remove any charge from the hair, so that there is a permanent straightening, until the next shampoo, in the hair.

No time for hair styling – Permanent hair straightening provides relief

Permanent chemical hair straightening with keratin

If brushing, straightening and blow-drying is too much work for you, you can resort to chemical straightening. However, this is only carried out by a hairdresser and is associated with increased costs and time. For chemical hair straightening, experts use keratin or apply the CHI method. The keratin is placed around the individual hairs so that there is a weighting. As a result, the hair tightens in length and appears smooth. Since keratin is a natural protein, it not only provides a smooth effect. Likewise, it provides the hair with shine and resilience. CHI hair straightening works with shaping chemicals. The method is known from styling perms. Instead of waves or curls, the hair is fixed into tight paths. The hair can then be shaped with a straightening iron to the desired degree of smoothness.

Hair styling tools for more curls and volume

Curling hair with a curling device with steam function

Many people want to have full hair that has beautifully curved locks. But this is usually not so simple. Because the natural hair structure has non-uniformity. This results in the formation of waves that hardly resemble chic beachwaves or round corkscrew curls. If you want to give nature a little help, you should rely on curling appliances with a steam function. The use of steam provides a natural shaping of the hair, so you can enjoy light waves or strong curls, depending on the intensity of the effect. When choosing a device, you should not only pay attention to the price. A gentle mode of action guarantees long pleasure with the tool. By using steam, you can achieve a very smooth look. This you can further strengthen with the application of hair oil. Thus, your curls appeared not only perfectly shaped, but also shiny soft.

Ceramic waving iron for natural beach waves

The ceramic wave iron is also in vogue. It works on the same principle as a straightening iron – but instead of the smooth metal layers, to de-shape the hair, round rods are used. Thus, three rods are next to each other and two rods below. The offset of the rods from each other leads to a quick imprinting of the classic Beachwave pattern in the hair.

The waving iron should first be carefully placed under the top layer of hair. Then grab a strand and pinch it step by step from top to bottom between the bars. Thus, the pattern of the waves can slowly transfer into the strands. Perform this procedure on the entire head. The larger strands you grab, the looser the waves will look. If you want it to be intense and distinct, grab smaller strands.  Always make sure to use heat-protective spray or cream when using heat-conducting appliances.