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Bronde hair color is the most low-maintenance hairstyle trend in fall 2022: This is how chic “Bronde Hair” looks!

Orange blonde, platinum ice blonde, soft highlights, jet black hair, etc. – the hair color trends for fall/winter 2022 are more versatile than they have been in a long time and are really fun! After all, a new hair color is probably the easiest way to give our hair a refreshing touch. Okay, but should it be blonde? Or should it be brown? What if we told you that you don’t have to choose between the two anymore? Super easy to maintain, flattering and a real eye-catcher – bronde hair color is the new hairstyle trend we can’t get over. The shade has already become the new favorite of the stars and it’s hard to imagine our heads without it. Ready for a little hairstyle update? Then join the hair color trend and find your next favorite look here!

Bronde hair color: what’s behind the new hairstyle trend in fall 2022?

blonde tones 2022 bronde hair color trend fall winter

Without a doubt, blonde hair is always a great looker and caramel blonde hair color continues to be one of the most popular hair color trends for fall 2022. But what if you’re a brunette and want a more subtle change? Then you would be at your best with Bronde Hair as a trend hairstyle! The term bronde is made up of the words “brown” and “blonde” and that pretty much explains it all, really. It involves combining different shades of brown and blonde to create a flattering and sun-kissed result.

Brond hair medium length caramel blond hair color trend fall 2022

The choice of color combination is literally endless, so the shade perfectly flatters absolutely any skin tone. And when we say endless, we mean it. Whether light, dark, with highlights or bronde balayage for a natural look, bronde hair color can be achieved in a variety of ways and always looks great.

blonde hair with brown highlights bronde hair medium length

Whether it’s for blondes who want to go darker or brunettes who crave lighter locks, Bronde Hair always works and the result is a natural and refreshing look. Plus, the hair color is super easy to maintain, so you don’t have to worry about regular re-coloring.

Bronde Balayage for a natural look

Bronde Balayage Hairstyle Trend Fall Hair Color Trends 2022

If you just want a subtle change, consider Bronde Balayage as your new favorite hairstyle. Unlike classic ombrè, the progression between shades is much more fluid and soft, making for an extremely natural yet eye-catching look. You’ll end up with a subtle blend of brunette and blonde strands that gently flow through your hair from roots to tips. Depending on whether you want to go more blonde or brown, either light or dark highlights are used with Bronde hair color.

Gigi Hadid hair color blonde what is bronde balayage hairstyle trend fall 2022

With Bronde Balayage, the transitions between the colors are so delicate that they blend seamlessly. The more different shades are used, the smoother the color gradient and the more flattering the result. So it’s no wonder that numerous stars, including Jennifer Lopez, Gigi Hadid and Blake Lively, are such big fans of the hairstyle trend.

what is Bronde Balayage Hair Color Trends Fall Winter 2022

But for bronde hair color to shine to its fullest, you should leave the work to the professionals. For best possible results, first consult a hairdresser you trust and together find the hair colors that will flatter your complexion in the best possible way.

The bronde bob is fully in trend

Bronde Bob Hairstyle Trend 2022 Blonde Tones Trends Fall Winter

One hairstyle trend is good, but two together is a real power move! This is guaranteed to be the case with the Bronde Bob, which combines the hairstyle classic with the brunette-blonde shade we love so much.

Hair color trends fall 2022 bronde bob hairstyle trend

French Bob, Micro Bob or Italian Bob as a trend hairstyle – the good old bob will probably never go out of fashion and Brond Hair is the perfect way to give your short mane a fresh and modern update.

Switching from brown to bronde hair?

Bronde hair color trend fall winter 2022 kate middleton hair

As mentioned earlier, bronde hair color works perfectly for both brunettes and blondes. But if you’d rather go lighter, you might want to bleach your brown hair first. It will be easier if you opt for warmer brown tones, rather than a cool platinum blonde.

caramel blonde highlights hairstyle trend what is bronde hair trend 2022

For example, soft caramel or honey tones are all the rage this year and create a seamless and sophisticated finish. The color play between brown and blonde shades also adds movement and makes your hair look more vibrant and voluminous.

Bronze hair color with chunky highlights

Bronde hair color trend fall 2022 blonde highlight brown hair

Chunky highlights and money piece hair are also one of the coolest hair color trends for fall this year, and they also combine wonderfully with bronde hair color. Especially if you are a brunette and don’t want to go completely blonde, the look is ideal to give your hair a subtle update. The front highlights frame your face beautifully and provide a soft finish.

The hairstyle trend also looks perfect with curly hair

what hair colors for curly hair Bronde Balayage hair colors trends 2022

Due to the fine color transition, the bronde hair color is ideally suited for setting the scene for your curly hair splendor. Whether you want to go lighter or darker or opt for a modern bronde balayage is really a matter of taste – the result is always a great look that definitely catches the eye.

Hair Color Trends Curly Hair Bronde Bob Hairstyle Trend Fall 2022