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Braid times differently with sophisticated mock braid hairstyle


It’s no coincidence that braided hairstyles are trending this summer. Indeed, they are a great way to protect the hair and get annoying hair out of your face during the heat in an elegant and pretty way. The braid that we present to you today is just the thing for you if you don’t know how to braid the herringbone braid or just don’t feel like doing it, because it only imitates it.

Ideas for braiding: a loose mock braid hairstyle.


Since you will be twisting your hair in with a curling iron (unless you have curly hair, in which case you can skip it), you should apply a heat spray beforehand. Then, always tie two strands that you take from the back with a hair tie, as shown in the video on braiding. Finally, you can fix the finished hairstyle with hairspray.

Hairstyles for long and medium length hair



Side mock braid worn casually


Ladies hairstyle for every day


Mock braid hairstyle for a girly look

We hope you enjoy braiding your hair and would love to see your finished hairstyle. The most beautiful ones will be added to this article and all others will be published on our page on Facebook.