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Boyfriend Bob – The newest hair trend in 2022: see 7 ways you can style this cool hairstyle

Summer means only one thing: it’s time to get a boyfriend bob! Remember when waist-length mermaid hair was all the rage? We all refused to cut our hair and slathered it with argan oil, hoping it would grow into beautiful, long, beachy Blake Lively waves. But in recent years, that’s changed and now we’re opting for much more practical and effortless cuts, like the bob.

And no, we’re not talking about the unflattering bob from the ’90s: this is the bob 2.0 and it has many, many incarnations. Kaia Gerber, Kim Kardashian and Dua Lipa have shown that the new bob can be modern, fresh and sexy (including the Choppy Bob and the Blunt Bob ). And it seems that there is nothing better than the last bob of Jennifer Lopez, which is very attractive, right?

What is boyfriend bob?

What is Boyfriend Bob

Long hair has been trending for as long as we can remember, but as with any great hairstyle, we always want what we don’t have. Case in point: the boyfriend bob. In case you missed it: The boyfriend bob is a cool, androgynous hairstyle that is currently conquering 2022 . Although the term itself is quite new, this short haircut has been in fashion for a while now! It is even popular among models (there are many different variations). So if you’ve always wanted to try this hairstyle, you can definitely take inspiration from them.

This new version has a slightly longer shape that almost feels like a lob, but with a 60s finish. The square shape allows the wearer to play with both straight and twisted, wavy or curly looks. For something extra, choose a bold global color or add fringe.

7 Ways to Style the Boyfriend Bob Hairstyle

Boyfriend bob - The latest hair trend in 2022

French Girl Chic
If you want something simple yet chic, style your chin-length bob with a center parting and tuck the sides behind your ears after a blow-out. This look works for almost any occasion, from a quick errand to a fancy afternoon tea.

Style your chin length bob haircut with a hat

Like Maureen Wroblewitz, you can add a hat for extra oomph.

Jach Manere's version of the boyfriend bob is inspired by the modern shag

Textured waves
Jach Manere’s version of the boyfriend bob is inspired by the modern shag. She usually wears it with textured waves, which you can recreate with a few quick twists of the curling iron and hairspray.

Ways how to style the boyfriend bob hairstyle

Straightener waves
A straightening iron is all you need to get Danica Magpantay’s soft waves. Start by running the iron through your hair. Once you reach the center, turn the iron inward and then outward to create a small kink. Repeat this process throughout your hair, running your fingers through your curls to achieve the “undone” look.

If you have a short haircut, blow drying can add a lot of fullness to your curls

Casual and polished
If you have a cheekbone-length bob with full bangs, like Gucci model Hannah Locsin, a blow-out can add a lot of fullness to your curls. For a smoother finish, spray some texture spray on the roots to add volume, and smooth the lengths with a straightening iron to give them a nice shine.

A tousled, wavy bob hairstyle gives the illusion of thick hair

Disheveled Beach Waves
A tousled, wavy bob like Sharina Gutierrez’s gives the illusion of thick hair and frames the face effortlessly (parting in the right place is also key). It’s also a sexy, glamorous hairstyle worthy of a red carpet!

Hair twisted outwards creates a retro chic look

Hair twisted outwards
If David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust hairstyle was a boyfriend bob, it would definitely look just like this retro chic look by Zoey Deutch. You can achieve this hairstyle by gelling your hair from the sides and then ironing the tips to get these outward flips.

The boyfriend bob is a cool, androgynous hairstyle that is currently conquering 2022

Thin side cut
Need more inspiration for your hairstyle? Check out Gabby Abesamis’ clear side parting that will have you ready for events in no time.

How to style a pony bob

How to style a pony bob

Here’s how to style a boyfriend bob with bangs:

Half-Up Chignon: The mechanics of this hairstyle are very similar to those of a half ponytail. Instead of letting the strands hang loosely in a ponytail, simply twist them into a knot. Hairstylists advise parting your hair back from ear to ear first to start a half ponytail, and then secure it. Take a fine-tooth comb and comb through the hair at the base of the ponytail to create the base for the chignon. Then wrap the rest of the hair around the chignon, secure it with bobby pins, and use hairspray to finish.

Need more inspiration for medium length hairstyles

Faux sideburns: once you have created a sleek hairstyle, take a fine-toothed brush to sweep your strands behind your ears. You can pin the hair in place, but leave a few strands in front of the ear to create a long, faux sideburns look. Finally, distribute the bangs and fan them out to give them a tousled look.