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Boxie hairstyle 2022 for women: The trend continues! These are the styles that will also be hot in 2023

Of course, the bob is a timeless and incredibly attractive hairstyle, which also suits every type of woman. But for some, the classic has become a bit too neutral or perhaps too boring in the meantime. Would you also like a little variety, without immediately making a radical change, the boxie hairstyle for ladies is just right! A short hairstyle that with its pizzazz combines the pixie and bob with a touch of box bob, turning it into a perfect combo. Try it out to start the year 2023 in a trendy way.

This is how the trendy haircut looks like

Boxie hairstyle at the level of the ears with wide bangs and few steps

The cut is not only shorter than a bob, but on top of that, it is not so blunt cut. This is exactly where the Pixie comes into play: its peppy fringes loosen up the Bob Cut, so that you also get something of the Pixie Cut, just long. Although the blunt cut is absent here, the Boxie hairstyle also inherits something from the Box Bob, especially if you opt for a fringe. We remember that, unlike the boxie cut, this one is straight and cut at about chin level, but resembles the latter due to its box-like features and makes even thin hair look more voluminous. This is also the reason why it is most suitable for women with thin hair.

So, the length of the hairstyle settles somewhere between Pixie and Bob, so you have free choice in this regard. A special feature of the boxie hairstyle is the back of the head, which is used especially to incorporate the fringed look of the pixie.

Sassy boxie hairstyle with steps at the top of the head and smooth at the nape of the neck

Is the hairstyle easy to maintain?

Unlike very short haircuts, you don’t have to have this variation recut often to keep it in shape. Only blunt cuts or the A-line, as well as ponies may need to be trimmed more often. Otherwise, it is enough to visit your hairdresser once a month or every month and a half. Also, as far as daily styling is concerned, the boxie hairstyle is very low maintenance, as we will explain at the end.

Longer boxie hairstyle with bangs, subtle steps and box bob cut

The difference with the Bixie Cut

It’s hard to set clear boundaries that distinguish the two styles, as they have many common features. Both are based on the bob and pixie. In general, there are no strict rules regarding all hairstyles, as there are always variations to each. Thus, the Boxie hairstyle, if it is a bit shorter, could well pass as a Long Pixie or, if it is longer and more tiered, as a Long Shaggy Bob.

Therefore, the designation should only serve as a guide before you discuss the details with your stylist.

Boxie hairstyle 2022/23 – Vary the fashionable styling!

Boxie hairstyle short and straight for a more subtle look

Exceptions confirm the rules, as is well known, and thus you can of course change the basic cut and adapt it to your ideas. You just have to discuss this with your hairdresser. Whether bangs, machine cut or asymmetrical, you can add any elements and of course experiment with colors and highlights. This way, your look is guaranteed to be unique and inspire all your girlfriends for the new year!

The alternative bob hairstyle short cut with undercut.

Boxie hairstyle with undercut and tousled for more volume

A variant that was very popular in the 90s is the one with undercut , where the lower parts (also on the sides) were cut shorter and partially covered by the top hair. A striking cut, which even emphasizes the pizzazz of the Pixie. However, it does not have to be a radical razor cut. Gladly these hair sections may remain a little longer.

Create an undone effect with the haircut

Combination of pixie, classic bob and box bob

Do you love the wild, messy look on your head, you can achieve this perfectly with the Boxie hairstyle, in two ways: Either you have extra steps cut into the top hair and fringed ends (Choppie Boxie) or you create the styling yourself by simply kneading the basic hairstyle with the help of styling products at the back of your head (Undone Boxie). In both variants, you can enhance the effect by adding (leaving) a fringe.

Feathered Boxie hairstyle for fine, thin hair

Straight boxie hairstyle down to the nape of the neck in modern strawberry blond

We have already mentioned that the boxie cut is also perfectly suitable for women with thin hair. But with the Feathered variant, you can add even more volume, as this is not only concentrated on the back of the head as usual, but also extended to the side parts.

Asymmetrical Blunt Cut for Traditionalists

The boxie hairstyle is similar to the bixie, with a touch of box bob

You prefer it towards the classics and not too rocky and bold? Then instead of the pixie, just let more bob shine through. You can achieve this, for example, with a blunt cut as with the Blunt Bob , but of course still with the stepped look of the Pixie. In the end, the hairstyling looks more elegant this way. This variant can also be combined with the trendy A-line, where the hair is a little shorter at the back and becomes longer towards the front (maybe this will tempt you to include the undercut).

Style the boxie hairstyle correctly depending on the hair structure

Easy care short hairstyle straight with side bangs

Short hairstyles are very low maintenance in terms of styling and boxie hair is no exception. What works best depends mostly on the particular cut and hair texture, but in general:

  • Less stepped hair that goes more in the direction of straight can be styled wonderfully with a curling iron or straightener (don’t forget heat protection!).
  • Volume at the roots you get with the help of dry shampoo or special spray for the roots.
  • For more curly hair, use hair wax for a more upbeat look. Curls can also be styled very well with mousse.
  • Shape thick hair with a round brush and blow dryer.
  • Thin hair you may wave, but also straighten, provided you also use a volumizing spray, so that the hair does not look so slapped on.

Long boxie cut with highlights and side parting

Feathered with a longer undercut

Feathered boxie hairstyle with undercut, steps and volume

The more tiered, the more “pixie-ish”

Variant with A-line – styled straight in the back and front strands wavy

Shorter hair at the back of the head and A-line

Undone look for thick hair

Boxie hairstyle styling with hair wax or mousse