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Bob with undercut 2021 is THE trend hairstyle you should know!

We women often do not know what exactly we want. If we have long hair, we want to shave it off and we wear a short hairstyle, then we long for a magnificent, long mane. So how good it is that there are so many bob variations that we can choose from. Stacked bob, grungy bob, flippy lob, etc. – this year there is guaranteed no shortage of great and chic trend hairstyles. Do you also know the problem – sometimes we are suddenly overcome by the desire for a radical change and we would like to cut off all our hair completely. Or at least half. The bob with undercut in 2021 is THE hairstyle trend for the winter and the clear proof that the classic is anything but stuffy and boring. Super chic, edgy and a real eye-catcher – the look provides a fresh breeze and is ideal for anyone who wants to try something new and exciting. You don’t believe us? Then read on and see for yourself how cool and stylish the trendy haircut looks!

Bob with undercut 2021: what makes the trend hairstyle?

Bob with undercut 2021 short hairstyles trends winter

Once reserved only for men, the undercut is now becoming increasingly popular among women. We are not surprised – the hairstyle looks incredibly chic and bold and provides a unique and dramatic look that always catches the eye. You are not familiar with the bob with undercut in 2021 and wonder what exactly it is. Well the only correct answer to the question will probably be "anything you want". As a rule, the cut is characterized by the fact that the top hair is longer than the lower hair.

Hair color trends winter short bob with undercut pictures

While the classic bob as we know it looks like a traditional style, the bob with undercut in 2021 elevates the classic to something fancy and exciting. The section of hair at the back of the head or on the sides is cut much shorter, in some cases even shaved off. In this case, the top hair falls over the shaved side from above and the cut is guaranteed to be a real eye-catcher. The edgy look actually comes across as extremely versatile and can be styled however you like. But before you decide to go for a bob with an undercut in 2021, you should first think carefully whether you are ready for such a radical change. When the hair is shaved off, it remains short for the time being and until the length of the remaining hair is reached again, it takes time. To maintain the cool shape, the undercut should be regularly recut every four to five weeks.

Praise hairstyle trend winter bob with undercut 2021

One day we want to break all the rules, and the other day we are feminine and subtle – the trend hairstyle can be wonderfully adapted to any style and occasion. It is exactly this combination of the shaved and the long part that always creates a wow effect. The bob with undercut in 2021 is almost always recognizable, but can just as well be completely hidden by open hair – what’s not to love?

Who does an undercut suit?

Undercut hairstyle women short bob with side bangs trend hairstyles 2022

And now the good news! You can’t really go wrong with a bob with undercut in 2021. There are so many styles and variations that you are guaranteed to find one that looks wonderful on you. It’s a great change from the classic bob, and you can always keep the undercut as your own little secret, hiding it under the top hair when needed. Especially on soft and oval faces, the contrast between the lengths looks very attractive and modern. However, it is important to note that if you have a sensitive scalp, your skin may react with irritation after shaving. To avoid possible redness and pimples, it is best to use a mild, sulfate-free shampoo that is gentle on the skin.

Different patterns make the hairstyle a real eye-catcher

Hair color trends winter bob with undercut 2021 pictures

The bob with undercut in 2021 is striking enough in itself, making it the perfect choice for all women who like to experiment with their hair and attract attention. After all, our mane is nothing but a canvas for our imagination. If you are feeling adventurous, then you can spice up the undercut hairstyle with different patterns. Be it triangles, circles, hearts or whatever comes to your mind – there are absolutely no limits to your creativity. And if you are really brave, you can bring color into play. Gaudy neon colors and bright strands look really cool and give the bob with undercut in 2021 a rocking touch.

How to style the bob with undercut in 2021?

Short hairstyles trends winter bob with undercut in 2021.

As far as styling is concerned, the sky is the limit with the bob with undercut in 2021. From rocky and glamorous to feminine and elegant – absolutely anything is possible. The trendy hairstyle looks particularly stylish and at the same time slightly casual in combination with a slicked back haircut. Here, the hair is slicked back with plenty of gel and looks as if you came straight from the pool. In general, with the bob with undercut in 2021 you can experiment very well with the top hair and try out all possible looks.

Short hairstyles curly hair stacked bob with undercut 2021

Whether you have naturally curly hair or not, the bob with undercut in 2021 is actually a great option to make your wild curls stand out even more. With a lob, on the other hand, you could tie your mane into a ponytail every now and then to beautifully highlight the excellent shave and fancy patterns. You think the trend hairstyle in winter 2021 is really great, but you are afraid that it may not go down well with your family or at work? The thing we love about an undercut bob in 2021 is its versatility. We can always switch between a rebellious look and an elegant hairstyle. Simply comb the top hair over the undercut and the undercut is visually gone.

Hairstyles for women over 60 short bob with undercut 2021

No matter if you are 30 or 50 years old – the bob with undercut in 2021 is actually perfect for women of all ages and always looks fabulous. However, older women should rather opt for a soft undercut at the back of the head. The cut immediately provides more volume and makes your mane look visually fuller – a real winner, then!

Bob with undercut in 2021: This is how chic the trend hairstyle looks!

Short hairstyles trends winter 2021 French bob with undercut

For fine hair, the haircut provides more volume and fullness

Short hairstyles trends 2021 stacked bob with undercut pictures

For a more dramatic effect, opt for an asymmetrical bob with undercut

Hairstyles for fine hair Bob with Undercut 2021

The trend hairstyle can look both elegant and rebellious

Hairstyles for fine hair pictures bob with undercut 2021

Tie the hair into a messy bun and make the undercut look right

Hairstyles fine hair medium length bob with undercut 2021 pictures

If necessary, the bob with undercut can be wonderfully concealed

Undercut hairstyle women pattern trend hairstyles winter 2021

The bob with undercut in 2021 is ideal to give our hairstyle a cool touch

Undercut hairstyle women patterns bob with undercut 2021

Do not be afraid to experiment with a wide variety of patterns and designs

Stacked bob hairstyle trends winter 2021 undercut hairstyle for women

The contrast between the hair lengths looks extremely exciting and interesting

Trend hairstyles 2022 short bob with undercut 2021

Sassy and elegant at the same time – we love the pixie bob with undercut in 2021 

Pixie bob with undercut 2021 hairstyle trends winter short hair style