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Bob with curls: 10 natural curls hairstyles that are totally hot now!

Natural curls are beautifully feminine, playful and easy to style. For a long time, the prevailing opinion was that curly hair looks better when it is longer, because by nature it tends to grow first in width and then down. However, in recent years we have become convinced that most types of bobs can be beautifully combined with curly hair. The key is to find the right hairstyle for your curly hair type. In the case of natural curls, the haircut is also often done in dry hair, so it is adapted to the individual curl type. Today, we’ll show you how versatile and chic a bob with curls can be!

asymmetrical bob with curls

The curly bob is often a short, slightly asymmetrical, pierced bob. But there are many types of bobs – asymmetrical, stepped, with or without bangs, etc. We will help you find the perfect bob hairstyle for your natural curls!

1. short bob with a loose fringe worn on the side

chin length bob with curls with bangs worn on the side

This curly bob is absolutely gorgeous and chic at the same time! Chin-length hairstyles frame the face beautifully for a simple and fresh look. Keep the length in the front with a slanted fringe.

2. asymmetrical curly bob, shorter in the back.

bob with curls short in the back

Spice up the classic bob with an angled cut. The step cut ensures optimal volume distribution of your curls. This bob is the perfect haircut for a round face, as it is longer in the front for a slimming effect. The front part is still long enough to be pinned back if needed. If you want to add even more texture and movement, highlights would be great too.

3. medium length bob with curls and glasses over 50

Bob in curls and gray hair for women 5ß and above.

A short curly bob hairstyle like this one is very flattering for women over 50. The layered cut makes fine hair look fuller and a fringe hides forehead wrinkles quite cleverly.

4. long bob with curls and bangs

long bob with curls through

This long bob with bangs is a super relaxed version and exudes a special boho charm. Work a few shorter steps into the bob to add more texture for a flattering look. Add caramel strands to highlight natural curls even more.

5. French bob with curls

short French bob with curls and bangs

We love this messy, curly French bob with bangs because it combines French style confidence and playful effortlessness. Such a hairstyle is a real fashion statement in itself.  What exactly is a French bob? It is shorter than the classic chin-length bob haircut and ends between the mouth and cheekbones. With natural curls, the whole thing looks especially charming.

6. stacked curly bob with short neck.

bob hairstyles with short neck curls

The cropped bob will make your curls look bouncy and full. This curly bob with short neck will best suit fine hair and medium curl texture. The hairstyle will accentuate your beautiful neck, while the front strands will beautifully hug the face.

7. asymmetrical curly bob – different hair lengths left and right.

asymmetrical bob with curls one side longer

In this asymmetrical bob, the hair on one side is cut a little shorter than the other. This bob hairstyle with a difference in length can be worn well with curls or straight. It is ideal for women who do not necessarily need to tie their hair back. However, you can still optionally tuck your hair away from your face with pretty side braids or twists.

8. pixie bob with curls

pixie bob with curls

The short pixie bob brings out the curls even better and also has an interesting, asymmetrical shape. A short bob haircut like this one suits every hair type. It is ideal not only for thick hair that needs a little more movement and texture, but also makes fine hair look thicker and fuller.

very short pixie bob with natural curls with red highlights

9. tiered shaggy bob

shaggy bob hairstyles with curls and bangs

Shaggy bobs are a modern variant of the 70s hairstyle and captivate with their effortless charm. These hairstyles are characterized by a stepped cut in combination with a full fringe, which makes them perfect for women with curly and wavy hair.

layered shaggy bob with bangs for woman with glasses

10. bob hairstyle with curls and deep side part

shoulder length bob with deep side parting

A super deep side parting and almost invisible, accurately applied highlights show off those gorgeous natural curls to maximum effect. When cutting the steps, pay attention to the height of the steps. If the top step sits in the middle cheek area, the wide face looks visually narrower.