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Bob – who does this hairstyle suit and how is it styled?

So French, so revolutionary, so masculine and yet feminine – that is the bob. The classic short haircut is a piece of hairstyle history. Tikbow explains how the classic is reinterpreted today and what the bob has to do with it.

History of the bob hairstyle

The bob has been around since the 1920s. The first to adopt the boy’s hairstyle was the dancer Irene Castle in 1915. The hair statement was thus set and a little later the short haircut advanced thanks to various famous imitators to the trend hairstyle. Probably the most famous bob lover is Mireille Mathieu, who has remained faithful to this hairstyle for decades in different variations and also shows how the bob can merge with another trend hairstyle: the classic bob.

Mireille Mathieu with bob
Mireille Mathieu showed the bob over the years in different variations, the all-around bob, and the bob with a new look.
Bubi (l., 1983) and the bob-pony variant (r., 1968)Photo: Getty Images

What is a bob?

The bob is a round cut bob. Classically, it ends somewhere between the earlobe and just before the base of the neck. The hairstyle can be worn with or without bangs or, as in the Mireille Mathieu version, it is cut once crookedly around the head. Then there is a fringe, but it merges seamlessly into the main hair. Traditionally, women wear the short hairstyle straight, but today it’s also possible in delicate waves or with exciting curls. A special form of the bob is the pageboy cut, here the hair at the back of the head is worn as short as a young man, a so-called "pageboy".

Who does the bob look good on?

The bob looks especially great on women with oval face shapes, because the round-cut hair is a harmonious contrast to the länglichen face shape. Those who dare to try the bob variant should definitely bear in mind that the hairstyle emphasizes not only the face but also the neck. And: If you already have a round face, you should rather refrain from the hairstyle, because the round cut emphasizes the round face shape. Übrigens works the hairstyle with all hair types. Especially women with fine hair can get volume out with a bob.

What is the best way to style the hairstyle?


The classic bob is worn straight. So that the bob variant lies vernünftig, you can ünnen it over a Rundb rste trocken föhnen, so that it retains its typical round shape. To keep it that way all day long, apply mousse to the hair beforehand and, depending on the hair structure, apply a balm or spray.


The bob in the undone version works best if you let the hairstyle air dry and additionally knead in a little salt spray. Influencer Taylor LaShae shows how beautiful the result can look:


Eine ziemlich lässige Stylingvariante ist der gelockte Bubikopf. Am einfachsten geht das logischerweise mit Naturlocken. Dann einfach lufttrocknen und natürlich springen lassen. Smoothhaarige Frauen können sich die Curls mit Curlsstab oder Rundbürste in Form schummeln – dabei den Pony nicht vergessen und alles am Ende gut fixieren!

How do I care for the hairstyle?

In order for the bob to remain accurate at the desired length, it must be recut regularly. If you don’t feel like going to the hairdresser all the time, you can also vary between the different lengths. So you can first cut your hairstyle to earl;nge, then let it grow out a whole stück and only cut it again when the hair almost reaches the shoulders. If you wear your bob with full bangs, however, you should regularly trim it into shape.