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Bob hairstyles with glasses: these are the best haircuts and styling tips for those who wear glasses

Whether you want to get a new haircut after the warm season ends or change your style completely, a bob is always a good idea. It’s versatile and timeless, and offers endless inspiration – from long bob with steps to micro bob hairstyle to Italian bob. However, the choice ultimately depends on a number of factors. One of them is whether or not you are a glasses wearer. Read on to discover our selection of the best bob hairstyles with glasses.

Bob hairstyles with glasses – What you should consider

Bob hairstyles with glasses - What you should consider

Which bob suits you depends on your hair type, preferred color, face shape and glasses model. First, many hairstylists recommend a layered bob if you have thick or coarse hair, and a blunt cut if you have thin or fine hair to create the illusion of volume.

After that, you can consider grooming. A precise cut requires more maintenance to look its best, while loose and tousled hair looks just as good whether it’s fresh from the salon or visibly grown. And then there’s the matter of color. Do you want a balayage or do you prefer a little more color for fall?

If you’re a glasses wearer, your bob hairstyle should be adjusted accordingly. If you want your facial features to show off, forgo the bangs, but if you want to draw attention to your glasses, frame your face with a layered bob.

Bob hairstyles with glasses – get inspired by these variations.

Among all the bob hairstyles with glasses, it is not so easy to choose the right one for you. Your hairstylist can help you decide which length suits your face shape and works best with your hair and lifestyle.

Dyed hair with bangs & glasses.

Bob hairstyles with glasses - get inspired by these variations

Dyed hair looks good whether you have bangs or not, and this stylish look puts your bangs on point. A low-cut fringe with round glasses gives you a bold and chic look, and coloring your hair adds a personal touch.

Middle parting with glasses

A shoulder length bob with subtle curly edges looks good on everyone

A shoulder-length bob with subtly curled edges looks good on everyone. The straight cut of the bob frames your face, while the wavy edges rest gracefully on your shoulders. This style looks best with straight hair, but women with curly or wavy hair can also wear this simple look.

Bob hairstyles with bangs and glasses for women over 50

This simple haircut for women 50+ with glasses looks great with feathery bangs

Older women often wear shorter hairstyles that go well with their hair texture. This simple haircut for women who wear glasses reaches just above the ears and looks great with a feathery fringe. This hairstyle looks perfect with straight or wavy hair.

Undercut for women with glasses

Undercut is a great way to spice up a simple short hairstyle

Besides coloring your hair, an undercut is another great way to spice up this simple hairstyle. You shave off a section of hair on the side of your head, giving you the best of both worlds. Leave your hair loose for a bob silhouette or pin it up into a small ponytail for a cool head.

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Ginger Curly Bob

Wavy and curly hair looks great in a bob

Wavy and curly hair looks great in a bob. A short bob cut with lots of volume will show off your natural curls, as the extra hair won’t weigh them down. This hairstyle looks best with dark or chunky glasses so that all the attention is on your face.

Asymmetrical bob hairstyles with glasses

Asymmetrical bob hairstyles with glasses are a classic look

An asymmetrical bob is a classic and fashionable style for any woman with oversized glasses, although it suits ladies with naturally straight hair best. One side of your hair is longer than the other, creating a dramatic profile. It is the perfect choice if you want to wear a windswept look.

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Gray hair color with thick glasses lenses.

Gray hair color with thick glasses are a great styling for ladies over 50

Older women are just as capable of wearing gray hair without bangs as their younger counterparts. With a simple curl on the edges of your bob, you can frame your face and complement thick glasses.

French lob with beret

French lob with beret and glasses

If jewelry is not your thing, you can still wear a beret with your short hair. With curly hair, you can cover all the parts that don’t look so good on you. And with straight hair, you can easily tame all the strands.

Vintage look

Feathered bob with glasses is for ladies who prefer a classic look

For ladies who prefer a classic look, this Feathered Bob with glasses is something for you. You can create this elegant look with curls styled backwards, square glasses and drop earrings. Unless you are a fan of taking extra time for your hair, this haircut will look best if you have fine, straight hair.

Cute Bixie Hairstyle with Glasses

Bob hairstyles with glasses - Pixie bob is perfectly suitable

If you are growing your hair into your dream bob, a Pixie Bob (Bixie) is the perfect transitional hairstyle. You can style a Pixie Bob with products or curl it to give it a whimsical look. With glasses, you can create a stylish and elegant look regardless of your hair type.

Short bob cut with bangs

Narrow glasses with short bangs and a bob haircut create a charming look

Thin glasses with a short fringe makes for an adorable bob that is perfect for smaller faces. Since your glasses take up a large portion of your face, make sure your bangs are a good length to complement them. This look also suits any hair texture.

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