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Bob hairstyles with bangs from 50: Fifteen haircuts and styling tips for thin hair that conjure up more volume

Many women know the problem: from 50, the hair becomes thinner and thinner. Fortunately, there are numerous hairstyles that conjure up more volume in the hair. The bob with bangs is the absolute classic. The haircut is easy to maintain, looks particularly good on women with fine hair and can be styled in any way. We show you 15 cool bob variations and stylings that give the hairline significantly more fullness and flatter the face. These bob hairstyles with bangs from 50 are trendy right now!

Bob hairstyles with bangs from 50: More volume for fine hair

Bob hairstyles for women over 50 with bangs for short hair

The soft bob is one of the most beautiful bob hairstyles. It not only provides fullness, but also more bounce. The haircut suits women with round, as well as with long and rectangular face. The styling requires some skill, but as with all bob hairstyles, “practice makes perfect”. With the help of a brush, the hair is carefully rolled inward at the bottom. The bangs are also styled casually to one side.

Bob hairstyles from 50: Beach Waves for more volume

Women from 50 with shoulder length bob with bangs style

The next hairstyle is more suitable for everyday use. With a round brush you can quickly and easily conjure up the trendy beach waves. These flatter especially women with long faces and fine hair. The hairstyle looks especially cool with highlights.

The stacked bob: short in the back, long in the front

Bob hairstyles for thin hair from 50 with glasses

The stacked bob conjures up more volume in the hair with a simple trick: The hair section at the back of the head is cut short, the hair is beveled in the front. A long fringe frames the face. The hairstyle is perfect for women over 50, as it visually provides more fullness. The length of hair and bangs can vary from very short to shoulder length.

Bob hairstyles with bangs from 50 for women with fine hair.

Gentle steps bring more momentum to the hair and also deceive more volume on top. Perhaps the biggest advantage of the haircut is that it is extremely easy to care for and can be styled in different ways. Women with glasses can opt for the so-called blunt look and shape with a round brush and blow dryer. For more hold, you can distribute about mousse in damp hair. In drugstores you can find special products for fine hair.

Long bob hairstyles with bangs from 50: Style the trend hairstyle correctly

Volume haircut from 50 bob with bangs medium length

Whether straight or wavy: the long bob is the trend hairstyle of the year par excellence. It has already enjoyed great popularity for several years. It is suitable for women who want a new hairstyle, but do not want to radically change their look and hair length. The styling variations are simply endless: you can conjure up casual curls or blow-dry your hair with a round brush. It is especially important that you blow-dry against the direction of growth at the hairline. This way you conjure up more fullness.

The Bixie Cut with a difference: Pixie and bob with fringe in one

Volume cut for fine hair at the roots

The Bixie Cut is an exciting mix of Pixie and Bob. The hair is longer than in a Pixie hairstyle, but shorter than in a bob. The hair length can vary. If desired, the front hair sections can also be cut fringed. The bangs, however, are long, are usually styled to the side and then merge into the hair. Steps can also be realized without any problems.

Bob hairstyles with bangs for straight hair: Elegant hairstyle from 50 without much effort

trendy haircuts for women over 50 with blond hair

Sleek bob is perfect for women with straight hair and looks great even without styling. The front sections of hair are chin length, the back – a little shorter. A slanted fringe gives the hairstyle more structure. The right fringe length is crucial for the final result. A long fringe stretches the face. For women with an angular face, it can be slightly graduated to subtly conceal the cheekbones.

Volume for women over 50 with short hair styling tips

To whom the bangs hold in the face, you can simply put them to the side, braid or style them back.

Long bob with bangs from 50: Style waves with curling iron

Bob from 50 with bangs for women with wavy hair

Curling irons can be used to style beautiful waves. Simply twist on individual strands with the curling iron and hold for 1 – 2 seconds. Then release immediately. Then apply mousse on your fingers and work it into the hair.

Stepped bob from 50 for women with gray hair

Haircuts from 50 for gray hair women

A stepped bob conjures up more volume. The hairstyle is perfect for women with gray hair. Whether straight or curly, the haircut can be adjusted as desired. The hairstyle is also perfect for those who simply want to let the gray hair grow out. This is also a great way to conceal individual gray highlights.

Curly, straight or with slight waves: The bob is the classic hairstyle for women over 50. It can be styled quickly and flatters the face.

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Long bob with bangs from 50

Long bob style from 50 with bangs haircut for women with thin hair

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Hairstyles for thin hair for women over 50 with glasses

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