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Bob hairstyles 2022: tiered medium length haircuts for women over 50, making younger in age

From 50, the hair becomes thinner and the hairstyle, which looked great until recently, suddenly no longer suits us so well. Just the right time to find a new layered cut that conjures up more volume in the hair and brings out the facial features. We show you several trendy bob hairstyles 2022 that are tiered, medium length and uncomplicated.

Stepped, medium length bob hairstyles for women over 50: uncomplicated haircuts are in trend in 2022

Hairstyles half length graduated for women over 50 making younger in age

If you want an uncomplicated and at the same time stylish hairstyle, then you should go for a layered bob. Its biggest advantage is that you can make the hairstyle fit your face shape and hair texture. You can also choose between curtain bangs and bangs. As for the length, it can vary from the chin to the shoulders.

What bob hairstyles are in style in 2022?

Trendy hairstyles 2022 half length tiered from 50

The long bob is making a comeback this year and is touted as the trend hairstyle of 2022. With gentle steps, the hair looks fuller and the hairstyle gets clear structure. Curtain bangs play around the face and stretch it out. Bangs conceal wrinkles on the forehead.

Stepped long bob hairstyles from 50, which conjure up more volume

Long bob 2022 tiered fringed haircut from 50

Fringed half-length layered cuts look particularly good with gentle waves in the hair. The hairstyle looks feminine, playful and fresh. It looks especially beautiful when the waves start from the chin length. This creates more volume at the roots and in the middle.

Shaggy bob for women over 50: Stylish layered cut for medium-length hair

Stepped haircuts medium length for women over 50

Many steps of different lengths make the appeal of the next haircut. The shaggy bob is a low-maintenance hairstyle for women with fine hair. The hairstyle doesn’t need styling to look great. The fringed steps bring vibrancy

Bob hairstyles graduated from 50 with glasses

Bob haircut for women over 50 with glasses and gray hair

The bob haircut is a versatile hairstyle that currently comes in different variations. For medium length or short hair, with or without a bob, for straight hair, waves or curls. Especially the step cut is very suitable for people who wear glasses. Curtain bangs and steps on the sides draw the focus on the haircut, rather than on the glasses.

Hairstyles half-length stepped from 50: The Box-Bob

fringed tiered bob haircuts for medium length hair over 50

The box bob is the perfect hairstyle for all women with thin straight hair who want to conjure up more volume in the top hair. The hair length varies from shoulder-length to chin-length, with the back part of the hair usually being shorter. At the bottom, the bob fascinates with its classic line – the tips are not fringed, but are cut straight. The top hair, on the other hand, is stepped and thus looks more voluminous. The cut can be perfectly combined with curtain bangs.

Trend haircut 2022: Side Swept Bob

Long bob hairstyles for women over 50 with steps

The Side Swept Bob is worn with a deep side parting. The hairstyle is uncomplicated and provides more fullness in the hairline. A nice side effect: the side parting can conceal forehead wrinkles and makes the forehead look smaller. Women with curly hair can also opt for a side swept bob.

Shaggy bob for women with medium length hair graduated

Uncomplicated hairstyles medium length from 50

Bob hairstyles tiered medium length for women over 50 making younger in age

Medium length hair is easier to maintain than a long mane, but can still be styled any way you like. A chin-length bob looks super elegant, thin steps give the hair structure and can be combined great with baleyage. Of course, the hair color should be adapted to the hair structure.

Bob haircut 2022: ideas for gray hair.

medium length hair bob hairstyles with steps for women over 50

Gray hair is totally in trend. A shoulder-length layered hairstyle makes them look especially beautiful. The steps also give extra fullness. In combination with a fringe or with long curtain bangs, the hairstyle looks especially chic.

Long bob hairstyles 2022 for women with gray hair

Medium length hair is the perfect transitional hairstyle between a long mane and a short haircut. They are easy to maintain, look great and can be styled in any way. We offer several bob hairstyles that are trending strongly in 2022. These include the classic mid-length bob, the layered cut with microbangs, the box bob that conjures up volume and the baby wave bob, which is super suitable for women with waves or curls.

Hairstyles that make you look younger from 50

Hairstyles half length graduated from 50 hair color

If you want to look younger even in old age, go for a fresh hairstyle. It’s best to trust a professional right away, because for the best possible result, the step cut should be adapted to the hair structure. Curtain bangs hug the face and are the best choice for women with a round face. A fringe suits especially ladies with a long or oval face. But here too, of course, there are exceptions and you should always seek advice.