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Bob hairstyle trends 2023: Which bob variations are hot right now?

If 2022 was all about daring the cut and experimenting with styles we never considered before, what will be the biggest hair trends this year? Bob hairstyle trends in 2023 are considered modern and cool, and you don’t have to think about them for long. They are feminine and can be adapted to any face shape and type.

What bob hairstyle trends are in for 2023?

The best bob variations that are totally on trend in 2023

Bob hairstyles are versatile and beautiful in every way. It is a haircut that can change your entire look and style. Bob hairstyles come in different lengths and with different amount of volume. They can be medium length or super short. And you can add other details, from color choices to fancy elements. But one thing is for sure: bob hairstyles have proven to be outstanding regardless of the color.

Now let’s take a look at the hottest bob haircuts that will dominate the hairstyle world this year.

The seductive Scandi Bob

The Scandi bob is a must-have for 2023

This trend hairstyle is currently particularly common in Scandinavia and by the end of January at the latest, no one from Berlin to New York will pass it by. The Scandi Bob is a much cooler version of the classic bob and it is uncomplicated, easy to maintain and so chic. In fact, everything you would associate with the Scandi style. Cut just below the chin line, it has an ideal length for people who want a confident bob with an extension. The cut frames the face and accentuates the facial features.

And what’s the best thing about the Scandi Bob? If you already wear a bob, you don’t have to do much. Because it features a special detail: A unique, inverted parting that adds volume and a special look. This is exactly what gives the classic bob a seductive touch in no time.

For those who are looking for something unique, this hairstyle will be even more beautiful with a few highlights in the front parts of the hair.

You will see the Curtain Bob everywhere

Curtain bob for curly hair is in right now

You don’t have to have straight hair to wear a curtain bob. Naturally curly bobs with bangs are all the rage now. You can also restyle the hairstyle with a modern perm. This shaggy haircut with choppy bangs looks relaxed and stylish.

Bob hairstyle trends 2023: The Copper Bob

Bob hairstyle trends 2023 - Copper Bob

Copper shades will be the most demanded by women in 2023. The shiny and vibrant color spices up the classic shape of the bob. And with a color that requires a lot of maintenance, keeping the haircut short yet stylish is a smart solution.

Short Bixie with waves

The short bixie with waves is fully on trend for 2023

The sassy bixie cut frames the face just like the other bob hairstyles. It is a pretty simple hairstyle that requires hardly any styling and suits most people. The waves add texture and movement to the hair. Use a razor on the tips for a messy look.

Asymmetrical blunt cut bob.

Bob hairstyle trends 2023 - Asymmetrical Blunt Bob

This attractive hairstyle is perfect for those who want a fresh look but are wary of a drastic change. Over the years, many celebrities have experimented with asymmetrical bobs. Actresses like Sandra Oh, Kerry Washington and Nina Dobrev have been big trendsetters, but there are so many ways to customize the look to suit your taste.

Unlike a classic bob, a short asymmetrical bob is cut with an uneven perimeter. One side has longer strands that do not extend beyond the shoulders, but it is not too extreme. If you want to have a fancy and glamorous look, this hairstyle is worth trying. Try a short, asymmetrical blunt bob. It is super easy to style and maintain. The short, blunt look looks great on almost all women.

Bob hairstyle trends 2023: The Wolf Bob

The wolf bob is a modern variant of the popular bob hairstyles

Wolf hairstyles are all about showing off your personality and style. If you’re looking for a trendy haircut that highlights your energy and sass, the wolf bob is a great hairstyle to try!

This modern twist on the ever-popular bob is ideal for women with medium and thick hair. The short length makes it easier to maintain and style the hair on a daily basis .

The platinum bob is in for 2023

Refresh your look with a platinum bob

If your new self needs a fresh coat of hair in 2023, try this icy platinum blonde, which is best suited for shorter cuts like a chin-length bob, as it requires a lot of maintenance.

The medium length bob is a must

The medium length bob is versatile and very fashionable

If you’re not ready to cut your hair down to your chin, don’t worry: medium length and longer bobs are all the rage in 2023. This type of bob can fall just above your shoulders or reach your collarbone – depending on what you prefer. However, if you like it more modern, go for a blunt cut with minimal layers, because blunt bobs are the trend for 2023.