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Bob for gray hair is the ultimate short hairstyle to showcase your silver mane!

Soft Curve Bob, Boy Bob, short, long or with Undercut – the Bob hairstyles with all their variants and facets belong for us to these haircuts, which will forever have a permanent place in our hearts. Chic, bold and at the same time super feminine – the timeless classic has become the ultimate cult hairstyle in recent years and is one of the absolute favorites of all fashion girls from season to season. And as far as hair colors go, gray hair has never been more in vogue. Although some women would do anything to cover up the grays, others welcome it by proudly rocking the trendy hue or even dying your hair gray long before the first silver highlights appear. Craving a change and love to experiment with your look? So why not combine the second biggest hairstyle trends, and opt for bob for gray hair? What are you waiting for? Read on and make a quick call to the hair salon!

The A-Line Bob for gray is THE hairstyle trend 2022

short hairstyles gray hair asymmetrical bob with bangs 2022

Black and blonde were yesterday, because bob hairstyles for gray hair are THE hairstyle trend 2022. And if you want to give your short hairstyle a refreshing touch, then you would be in the best place with the A-Line Bob for gray hair! As the name suggests, this goes for an asymmetrical look and the hair is slightly longer in the front than at the back of the head.

hairstyle trends spring 2022 bob gray hair pictures

Whether ultra short, slightly longer, with a gentle or striking transition – the hairstyle is incredibly versatile and can thus be perfectly adapted to every taste and face shape. And the best part? The asymmetrical cut visually provides more volume and fullness and can work wonders, especially for women with thin and fine hair. When it comes to styling, the bob hairstyle is also a real all-rounder and looks just perfect both straight in a sleek look and with soft beach waves!

The long bob for gray hair

gray hair bob hairstyles with bangs trend hairstyles 2022

Neither too short, nor too long, but somewhere in between – a long bob for gray hair provides us with the best of both worlds. The trend hairstyle is ideal for all those who are already tired of their long mane, or want to refresh their haircut a little. The hair ends not at the nape of the neck, as in the classic bob, but at the collarbone. The long bob suits absolutely every woman and can also be styled super versatile. However, you should keep the following rule in mind: The rounder the face, the clearer and simpler the haircut should be. In combination with fine steps or bangs for thin hair, it immediately provides an extra portion of volume. Thick hair, on the other hand, gains a touch of lightness with the hairstyle trend.

The bob with micro bangs

Bob hairstyles with bangs short hairstyles gray hair pictures

Curtain bangs, full bangs or side styled – bangs hairstyles are all the rage this year and a great way to give our mane an exciting and modern touch. And for those who like it a little bolder, the ultra-short micro-bangs are the perfect choice this season. In this case, the hair is cut extra short and usually ends very close to the roots. The result? An incredibly bold and sassy look that looks really chic at the same time. The short hairstyle is guaranteed to attract all eyes and requires a little courage, but you will not regret it – believe us!

Asymmetrical bob with gray hair

Bob gray hair short hairstyles with bangs 2022

Accurately cut hair is a thing of the past! Beautifully edgy and a real eye-catcher – the asymmetrical bob with gray hair undoubtedly stands out from all other variants. To get the asymmetrical look, the hair is thereby cut a little shorter on one side than on the other. Whether a little shorter or in the lob variant – everything is allowed that one likes and the asymmetrical bob always looks really cool. To make the hair look a little thicker and more voluminous, we combine the trend hairstyle best with a slanted bangs.

short bob gray hair hairstyles trends 2022

There are also no limits to your imagination when it comes to styling. Light beach waves convey a feeling of casualness and lightness and also provide an extra portion of volume. And if you like it a little more elegant, style the asymmetrical bob for gray hair in the trendy sleek look. To give the cut more fullness, blow-dry your hair with a round brush and fix the look with some volumizing spray.

Spice up the hairstyle with highlights and highlights

Short hairstyles curly hair bob with gray hair

Want to add some dimension and dynamism to your bob hairstyle for gray hair? Then you would always be at your best with coloring techniques like highlights, ombrè, balayage, etc. Unlike other hair colors, gray with all its nuances and shades shows the popular techniques from a whole new perspective. For example, fine, silver highlights literally make your mane shine and feel wonderfully alive.

Bob for gray hair: this is how chic the trend hairstyle looks in 2022

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In combination with soft beach waves bob hairstyles for gray hair look incredibly casual

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Or how about a bob with curtain bangs for a modern look?

gray hair bob hairstyle with bangs short hairstyles 2022 images

The long bob for gray hair remains trendy

Bob with gray hair pictures short hairstyles trends 2022

A blunt bob is the timeless classic that will never go out of fashion

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