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Bob for curly hair: these short and medium length curly hairstyles look especially good on women of all ages

Believe it or not, a bob for curly hair is not just a short haircut with a beautiful texture. The bob has come into our world to show the beauty of short hair length. The bob hairstyle is definitely the most common alternative for women who don’t want to wear long hair or a very short hairstyle. Besides, the haircut looks even more elegant and cute if you have natural curls! Women with straight hair can curl their bob hairstyle with blow-drying and suitable styling products.

Trendy short hairstyle: bob for curly hair in autumn 2022

Trendy short hairstyle - bob for curly hair

The classic short curly bob will be the first source of your inspiration today. Do you know how beneficial the short classic is? The shorter your hair is, the more structured and elegant your curls look.

Classic short bob for curly hair - hairstyles for older women

There is a reason why this variant is one of the classic hairstyles: it is perfectly balanced, so everyone can try it.

Short, upbeat layered bob for women with natural curls

Short, upbeat layered bob for women with natural curls

Is there anyone who doesn’t know the charm of curly step cuts yet? Of course, the steps are more visible with straight hair, but even with a curly hairstyle you can feel the voluminous effect. A bob for curly hair with bangs and layers is something that washes away all insecurities: from facial quirks to hair style problems.

Sassy curly bob with bangs for ladies of all ages.

Sassy curly bob with bangs for women of all ages

If you decide to go for bangs, remember that the cut of your curly bob as well as the type of bangs should match your facial features. So here’s a little tip for a cut that will suit any woman due to its versatility: A short, curly bob with bangs and a touch of asymmetry is right for everyone.

Medium length wavy bob hairstyle for fine or thick hair – hairstyle trends 2022.

Wavy bob hairstyle for women over 50, 60 - hairstyles trends 2022

The modern bob haircut with waves is a great idea for all hair textures, so this hairstyle will instantly spice up your look and make you look younger. This haircut is a perfect solution for everyday life and special occasions.

Medium length wavy bob hairstyle for fine or thick hair - hairstyle trends 2022

A naturally wavy bob hairstyle will help you feel more confident and attractive. It is considered that all hairstyles look great on wavy hair, and this is especially true for the bob. You can choose any hair length, as a wavy bob is a perfectly customizable hairstyle. Any woman can attract dozens of admiring glances with this trendy haircut.

Trend hairstyles 2022: Stacked bob for curly hair.

Stacked bob for women from 60 and 70 - current hairstyles for fall 2022

This is an unusual, unique hairstyle and not every lady would be ready to wear it. However, those who like to stand out from the crowd and attract attention will definitely enjoy this idea.

Trend hairstyles 2022 - stacked bob for curly hair

If you think the bob hairstyle with natural curls is boring, you should think about an extravagant stacked bob. In this hairstyle, you make a classic curly bob, with the only difference that the hair is shorter at the nape. The haircut suits all hair colors and facial features, so this alternative is a wonderful solution if you dare to make such changes.

Charming asymmetrical curly bob

Charming, asymmetrical curly bob

The asymmetrical curly bob, with one side slightly predominating, gives us a new look at the familiar bob haircut. You can either ask your hairdresser to cut one of the sides shorter, or make a side parting yourself. The main thing is that with such an asymmetrical bob you can show off curly hair beautifully.

Wavy Layered Bob with Bangs – Hairstyle Trends 2022

Wavy Layered Bob with Bangs - Hairstyle Trends 2022

Wavy Layered Bob suits all older and younger ladies with thin hair, as it is a wonderful way to create instant volume. A short bob haircut is a great solution for all ladies, but each one looks unique. It also suits all hair colors, so you can choose both blonde and brown bob hairstyles to get lots of compliments.

Wavy layered bob with bangs for women over 70 to look younger

And if you have straight hair, you can change your style in ten minutes with a curling iron!

Snappy inverted curly bob in fall 2022.

Inverted bob for curly hair - dashing hairstyles for women 60 or 70+.

This hairstyle assumes short hair, with longer strands framing the face. A curly, inverted bob is the perfect way to add volume to the hair and accentuate the facial features of ladies of all ages. If you are looking for short curly hairstyles, you should definitely consider this option.

Snappy inverted curly bob in fall 2022

Such a haircut is especially suitable for older women , as it can help them look younger and fresher. Many think that this hairstyle is suitable only for women with straight hair, but this is far from being the case.

Long bob for curly hair – the trendy lob.

Long bob for curly hair - the trendy lob

If you do not want to part with your hair length, we have an idea for you. A long bob for curly hair is a great solution for ladies with thick hair. A classic curly lob suits all women, no matter what face shape they have. And if you want to make the coloring more exciting and unusual, consider a curly chocolate brown lob with blonde highlights, which is very trendy at the moment.

Bob for curly hair - hairstyle trends for women over 50 with natural curls