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Bob-Balayage 2022: The special hair trend that combines two favorites and makes the hair shine.

As far as hairstyle and hair color trends for 2022 are concerned, we really don’t have it easy. One styling is more beautiful than the other and we women have a particularly hard time deciding on a look. As if it wasn’t difficult enough otherwise! Maybe this hair trend, which combines two favorites, makes the choice a little easier: bob balayage. The name actually gives away what it’s all about too – the timeless bob hairstyle meets the gorgeous highlighted look, for a sun-kissed styling with a difference. But what makes the bob balayage 2022? We present a few cool variations!

Bob-Balayage 2022 from New York

Bob balayage 2022 for blond and brown hair in different color variations.

The idea for the combination of the two favorites comes from New York and has enjoyed great popularity from the beginning. With the Bob-Balayage 2022, you have free choice and can opt for a short version or keep some length with a long bob. However, especially for the coming summer and its heat, the short bob proves to be very practical and popular, because it guarantees an airy neck.

For whom is the bob balayage 2022 suitable?

Bob balayage 2022 is the trend for the new year and possible in any length

In principle, every lady can wear this piece of jewelry, because as you know, the bob is an all-round talent. And this also applies to the balayage coloring technique. Only the colors should be adapted to the respective type or skin tone. The overall natural look conjures fullness in thin hair and thus proves to be very practical even then. Whether worn with subtle waves or smooth and elegant – although the Bob-Balayage 2022 seems to be so natural and somehow also simple, it is still extremely versatile and interesting.

Asymmetrical bob balayage 2022 in dark brown and light highlights

The right length depends mainly on the shape of the face: longer hair stretches a round face and softens angular features or balances a heart-shaped face. The latter benefits from a length that ends just below the chin, as well as from a fringe that covers the wide forehead. Once again, ladies with an oval face can consider themselves the happiest, because in principle, there are no limits for them.

The shades

Golden shimmering highlights thanks to balayage technique

The popular balayage technique creates dimension and an interesting look, but very natural. Typically, caramel tones are added to dark brown hair, while light brown hair is lightened by blonde highlights, giving it that sun-kissed look. This, in combination with the trendy and stylish bob, creates a look that screams summer and makes everyone’s heart beat faster.

Styling ideas for the bob balayage 2022

Balayage with blond for the bob with dark hair

Blonde highlights in dark brown hair for the front sections

You can spice up the balayage bob in brown with slightly lighter highlights, which will look very impressive, especially if you have a beautiful complexion. Because this way, the brown skin and the lighter highlights will highlight each other. The amount of highlights can vary at will, depending on how bright you would like your bob balayage 2022 to be. This way, they can be distributed throughout the hair or used mostly for the front sections of hair for a framing effect.

The stunning effect of red

Fiery Bob-Balayage 2022 for blonde and dark brown hair

No matter what shade of brown your base color is, you can create a warm look of a special kind with red highlights. Mahogany or copper doesn’t matter, as long as it suits your type. The reddish highlights come through the bob particularly well and are therefore a wonderful choice for the bob balayage 2022 to combine extravagance and elegance with only little effort. The combo of red and blonde is also very pretty.

Bob-Balayage 2022 in red - burghunder or mahogany with dark brown.

Balayage in ash blond for the bob

Bob-Balayage 2022 in ash blonde with light strands.

Perfect as a transitional color when the roots have already grown out or you can’t visit the hairdresser regularly for a touch-up, bob balayage 2022 is without question as well. Spice up the boring ash blonde with a lighter blonde in the balayage bob and attract all eyes! A dark base is intentionally left and skillfully designed with an even transition to the lighter tips.

Silvery-beautiful for blonde or brunette

Gray for brunettes and blondes in the A-line bob hairstyle.

Gray remains on trend this year, whether long or short bob balayage 2022 – not only as a transition when you want to part with dyed hair and finally welcome your natural gray, but also as a stylish hair color trend among younger ladies. The base hair color can be chosen at will here. With brown hair, a special depth and dimension is created, which the silvery highlights show off to best advantage. If the base color is a shade of blonde, again more subtle effects are created, but they are anything but boring. Like all other ideas, the silver variant can be chosen for bob hairstyles of any length.

Short or long bob hairstyles in silver with dark undertone

The interplay of bob and balayage is so beautiful!

Cinnamon color as a variant for the asymmetrical or the long bob balayage in brown.

Chocolate looking hair with reddish and blonde highlights.

Chocolate, asymmetrical bob hairstyles with caramel highlights

Light blonde for bob balayage 2022 for short or long hair

Blonde bob balayage 2022 for a sun-kissed look in every season of the year

Combine copper with brown or blonde

Bob-Balayage 2022 - Combine copper with brown or blonde

Bob-Balayage 2022 for curly hair

Bob-Balayage 2022 is also possible for curly hair

Light brown with blonde highlights

Three-color styling with brown, red and blond

Thick highlights for more striking effects.

Thick highlights for more striking highlights in dark brown or dark blonde hair

Straight or A-line cut

Straight lob with ombre and balayage technique in one or in A-line with waves.

Balayage and ombré in one

Bob-Balayage 2022 combined with Ombre in dark blond and light blond