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Blow-drying hair like at the hairdresser’s: Here’s what you should look out for

After a visit to the hairdresser, the hair is always full of volume and looks beautiful and shiny. In addition to the high-quality care products, blow-drying is usually responsible for this. But can you conjure up a look like from the hairdresser at home? Of course, if you know the basics. In this article, we’ll give you a few tips and tricks for blow-drying hair that will ensure the best results when styling your hair on a daily basis.

Is blow drying harmful to the hair?

Haare richtig föhnen Tipps Haarpflege

You’ve probably heard it before: blow-drying hair is harmful to hair. But really, only if you do it the wrong way. For example, removing moisture too quickly and applying too much heat can damage both hair structure and scalp. But with the right hair dryer and the right approach, blow drying can be just as good for your hair as air drying. Here are our tips on how to blow dry hair properly.

The right hairdryer for drying and styling.

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The hairdryer is an absolute must-have for the fast everyday life. Blow drying saves time and is essential for styling hair. However, not every hair dryer is suitable for drying hair gently. Some hair dryers heat up too much and can even damage the hair in the long run, so you should be careful when choosing one. To get a better overview, this hair dryer test helps, for example. Here, hair dryers of different brands were tested and compared on different criteria. Whether you are looking for a cheap hairdryer or a professional hairdryer, with or without additional features or with a special technology – in the test you will find the right hairdryer for your needs.

Pre-drying hair with a towel

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In addition to a good hair dryer, the right method of drying hair is also crucial. Even if time is very short, you should not give up pre-drying your hair with an absorbent towel. It absorbs a large part of the moisture from the hair and prepares it for blow drying. It is important not to rub the hair with the towel. This can severely damage the hair structure. Instead, we recommend tying a turban with the cloth and leaving it on your head for at least 2-3 minutes before proceeding with blow drying.

Apply heat protection

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Wet hair is particularly sensitive, so be sure to use heat protection before drying. A heat protectant spray conditions the hair and provides extra moisture that would otherwise be lost during blow drying. A protective film is formed, which effectively protects the hair from split ends and hair breakage and minimizes the negative effects of heat on the hair. Those who attach great importance to natural hair care and want to avoid expensive products from the drugstore, can also use some home remedies as heat protection. Examples include cold chamomile tea, olive oil, aloe vera and apple cider vinegar.

The right temperature

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If you dream of healthy hair without hair breakage, you should never blow dry it at too high a temperature. Experts advise that when drying your hair, go for moderate heat and strong airflow. Temperatures between 60 °C and 75 °C in combination with a strong fan are gentle on the hair and are considered optimal. However, if the hair is very fine, then a medium blower level is recommended so that it does not become matted. There are even already such hair dryers, which are equipped with regulators for the temperature and ensure a constant gentle temperature.

Another common mistake when blow-drying is the use of only hot air. This not only damages the hair structure, but also makes the hair look dull after blow-drying. To avoid this, you should use a blow dryer with cold air function. First blow-dry the hair almost dry with cold air (40 °C – 50 °C), then style with hot air and finally fix the hairstyle again with the cold air. This way you will keep hair damage to a minimum and your hairstyle will last longer.

Styling hair properly with a hairdryer

Haare föhnen und stylen mit Haartrockner und Rundbürste

After a visit to the hairdresser, your hair always looks stunning. You can also achieve this at home if you put the right tools to use. For beautifully defined curls, for example, a hairdryer with diffuser is just the right tool. A round brush, on the other hand, can be used to style shiny, straight hair as well as to conjure up gentle waves. Although the handling of these tools is a bit difficult at the beginning, you will be able to style your hair like a pro after just a few tries.