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Bleached brows and wet look – “GoT” star Maisie Williams completely changed

Crass type change with Maisie Williams! The 24-year-old actress, who became known to an audience of millions as Arya Stark in the hit series “Game of Thrones,” surprised everyone at the Brit Awards with a completely new look.

When it comes to hair color, Maisie Williams has dared to experiment in the past: sometimes she wore her mane brushed and cut into a bob, then pink with bangs, and in the meantime she even went for a blond mullet. Nevertheless, her current style change may be the most blatant to date: The actress has not only given her hair a cool white shade, but also bleached her eyebrows. The result: a very special, but at the same time extremely stylish look for the GoT star, who we usually only know with strikingly dark eyebrows.

Maisie Williams with blonde hair
With her new style we almost did not recognize Maisie WilliamsPhoto: Getty Images

Maisie Williams rocks the no-brow look

The rest of the styling matched the extravagant brow look: edgy and quite casual. To the black and white blouse dress by Prada Maisie Williams combined pointed slingback ballerinas, she wore her blond hair styled to a heavily gelled messy bun, her fringed bangs fell out of the braid undone. The eyes were accentuated with a bit of bräunish eye shadow and mascara, the cheeks were set in scene with highlighter, the lips appeared without makeup. In fact, you don’t need much makeup for the look with bleached brows – if they are virtually invisible, that’s eye-catching enough, after all, they usually give the face a frame. The change is all the more drastic for those who, like Maisie Williams, actually have very full eyebrows by nature.

New look for new role

As reported by the Daily Mirror, Maisie Williams has blonded her eyebrows for a new role. According to the report, in "Pistols", a TV series "about the "Sex Pistols", she is to impersonate Pamela Rooke aka Jordan Mooney, who was present at many of the band"s early gigs and even then went for the non-conformist look with blond brows.