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Bixie hairstyles 2022: how to style the short haircut that tops the list of trend hairstyles 2023

Bixie hairstyles are becoming more and more popular since more and more celebrities are joining this trend. Naomi Campbell, Kristen Stewart, Anne Hathaway and Florence Pugh – the internet is full of pictures of A-list celebrities wearing the Pixie Bob. Do you want to know what are the modern ways to wear the Pixie Bob in 2022 and if it will be on the top of the list of trending hairstyles in 2023? Read on.

Neither a short bob nor a long pixie – What exactly is bixie hair?

Neither a short bob nor a long pixie - What exactly is Bixie Hair

Ok, the term is well known, but what is Bixie Hair? Not every lady who is far from being a hairdresser knows what it is. Apparently, as the name suggests, it is a mixture of two well-known hairstyles, the Pixie Cut and the Bob.

If you ask a hairdresser, “What does a Pixie Bob look like?” he will tell you that it is a lob that looks like a bob in the front and on top, and a shorter Pixie Cut on the sides and neck (although there are different variations). In turn, we would like to show you some beautiful examples that explain how bixie hairstyles reconcile the less restrictive length of a bob with the fullness and sassiness of a pixie hairstyle.

Bixie hairstyles – who they are best suited for.

Bixie hairstyles - who they are best for

Regardless of your face shape, hair type, or hair texture, the Pixie Bob can be a fun look that isn’t too high maintenance. This cut is perfect for anyone who wants a cut without committing to maintaining a short hairstyle. It’s a fun, edgy, low maintenance style that pretty much anyone can wear.

A successful Pixie Bob requires careful angles, flattering layers, and customizable lengths. So consider this a reminder to see a stylist you trust before committing to this look. Even then, you should go to your appointment prepared.

A good Pixie Bob requires careful angles, flattering layers and adjustable lengths

Show pictures of Bixie hairstyles you like, and be prepared to explain what you like about the cut. The added context will make all the difference in getting a haircut you like.

Good words to describe the cut are heavily layered, textured and split. Think about length, too. There is no one size fits all for the Bixie. The length can be tighter from the back and stringy around the face to the chin. Go to the hairdresser when you have an idea of the length you want, and discuss it in detail with your stylist.

Style your cut shaggy and with bangs

Style your bixie cut shaggy and with bangs

Shagged out bixie with bangs is a very easy haircut to style. Hairstylists recommend applying a light mousse to damp hair and air drying for maximum texture. If you can avoid heat, your hair will thank you!

A shoulder length bob is the perfect hairstyle for cold weather + winter hair care tips can be found here !

Fashion Alert. Short pixie bob with waves is one of the trend hairstyles 2023

Fashion Alert. Short Pixie Bob with waves is one of the trend hairstyles 2023

Look cute and sassy with a short pixie bob with waves. This short version is one of the easiest bixie hairstyles to style and maintain. With effortless waves, your hair will look full of texture and movement. Ask your hairstylist to trim the ends with a razor to make your hair look messy and undone.

Blonde version with chopped layers.

Blonde Pixie Bob is an edgy hairstyle that even women over 50 can have fun with

Blonde Pixie Bob is an edgy hairstyle that you can have fun with. You will love that you can keep the length and have lots of choppy layers and textures. Texture products will be your best friend!

Tip: For women over 50 who prefer uncomplicated short hairstyles but still want to keep up with the times fashionably, this hairstyle is also suitable. The free-falling layers around the face conceal prominent wrinkles and the trendy style gives a youthful look.

Bixie hairstyles from 50 for a youthful look can be found here !

Bixie hairstyles – brunette option for fine hair.

Bixie hairstyles - brunette option for fine hair

A Pixie Bob is a good choice for women who have a natural brunette base. Combined with highlights to add points of light in the layers, it creates the illusion of denser hair texture. The customizable parts of the haircut can range from the neckline to the fringe shape to the texture within the layers.

Pixie bob haircut for round faces.

Vertical lines and angles are always good for round faces

Vertical lines and angles are always good for round faces, but this cut shifts the dimensions from the sides to the top for a more elongating effect.

Messy hairstyle with a break in length.

Messy pxie bob hairstyle with break in length

If you don’t know how to style a Pixie Bob, choose the lazy way with a heavily layered haircut that lends itself to tousled styling. This is yet another option those ladies who like uncomplicated short hairstyles that are still very stylish.

Bixie hairstyles 2022 – Try icy blonde with choppy finish.

Bixie Hairstyles 2022 - Try Icy Blonde with Choppy Finish

Thinned out tips make your strands pop while adding a lot of texture, provided your hair is not too thin.

Asymmetrical Pixie Bob

This asymmetrical pixie bob combines the features of both cuts

This asymmetrical pixie bob combines the fine-cut tiers of a traditional pixie cut with those of a bob that extends to jaw length on one side, creating a unique shape. Side parted, “flowing” short hair with a little texture paste accentuates the eyes.