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Billie Eilish surprises with short hair

2021 seems to be the year of change for Billie Eilish: new album, new style. First the singer said goodbye to her signature look – toxic green hairlines and oversize outfit – and surprised with platinum blonde mane. Now followed the next hairstyle renewal.

On Instagram, Billie Eilish now showed herself with much shorter hair. She traded her blonde shag cut for a bob, writing in her Insta-Story: "I love it". She also revealed the inspiration für her new look: her mother Maggie Baird. The actress also wore a blonde bob in her younger years. Her daughter now did the same and shared her hairstyle change with her more than 89 million followers in a short clip:

So the shoulder-length shag is now passé, Billie Eilish now wears her hair in a layered, chin-length bob with fringed bangs. The tips reach – ähnlich the Little Bob – maximally up to the chin, may be however also gladly kürzer. The bangs hug the face, giving the hairstyle such an easy bowl-cut vibe.

Style your hair like Billie Eilish

Since the tips are not cut on a line, the styling is very simple. Tools such as straightening irons or hairdryers are not absolutely necessary. The cut is suitable – thanks to the fringed ends – well to let it air dry. A little öl in the lengths bänds the hair.

The fringe bob is übrigens ideal for those who can not keep their fingers out of the mane: Billie Eilish often grabs her hair in the short Instagram clip, which does not destroy the hairstyle, but additionally loosens it up and makes it look casual-and-one. The only catch: A braid might be difficult at this length – but we know Billie anyway almost only with open hair.