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Beautiful hairstyles for girls that are made quickly – style your daughter for any occasion in the summer!

Every little princess loves to be made pretty with a chic hairstyle. But especially for younger children hairstyles should not take too much time, because they still lack patience. But aren’t elegant and beautiful hairstyles for girls usually complicated and elaborate? Not at all. Even simple instructions lead to beautiful looks that are suitable for everyday use as well as for special occasions. We have put together a few ideas for you.

Low chignon hairstyle for medium to long hair

Beautiful hairstyles for girls with chignon do it yourself

If you are looking for beautiful hairstyles for long hair, you can use such for casual chignon. Especially if your hair is a bit longer, you will allow to play with the strands and let them fall looser or put them up. The following chignon hairstyle looks complicated, but it is ready in a few minutes and you also do not need tons of bobby pins or barrettes.

Simple instructions for a casual summer hairstyle with chignon

Divide the hair into three sections and tie three simple ponytails at the back of the head at the same height. If the child has rather thinner hair, you should choose a smaller distance between the braids. Then pull each ponytail halfway through the hair ties to create loops. Pull the outer sides of each loop up with your fingers and secure with bobby pins. The more casually the strands finally fall, the more voluminous and interesting the look will appear. Finally, apply hairspray if needed to make the hairstyle last.

Space Buns

Messy space buns for girls of any age

In the same way, you can also style the space buns popular with girls . Instead of three braids, simply tie two on both sides of the back of the head, again pulling the braid only halfway through at the end and pinning the loop obtained as described above. Alternatively, you can just take the ponytail and casually wrap it around the hair tie and pin it with hair clips. Chignon hairstyles are beautiful summer hairstyles for girls that keep the neck airy.

Quick hairstyles for little girls – elegant chignon for a special occasion.

Create elegant chignon with flower as an accessory from a ponytail

Need some ideas for beautiful hairstyles for girls for a special occasion? How about this elegant chignon ? First of all, tie a normal deep ponytail at the nape of your neck. Carefully divide the hair above the hair elastic and put the ponytail through the hole obtained. Then take the braid in your fingers and wrap it upwards so that the hair elastic is covered by the hair.

Beautiful hairstyles for girls - elegant chignon for a special occasion

With bobby pins now fix the hair above the hair elastic, so that they do not wind up again. With a little hairspray, beautiful hairstyles for girls like this can last longer. A pretty hair accessory adds the finishing touch to the look. Choose something that fits the occasion and rest of the outfit.

Casual, semi-open hairstyle for everyday life.

Beautiful hairstyles for girls - half open with highlights, waves and scrunchie

With both long hair and short, semi-open beautiful hairstyles for girls are all the rage. Keep it casual with a few waves, tie a high braid with the top hair and let it fall loosely back. For even more pizzazz, you can let two strands hang out in front to frame the face, feel free to braid them (baby braids are currently on trend). By the way, a scrunchie instead of the normal hair tie gives the casualness the final touch.

Beautiful hairstyles for girls – half open with chignon from a braid

Instructions for a hairstyle with braid for everyday life or a party

This chic hairstyle has a little bit of everything – half open, chignon and braided at the same time, but at the same time very simple hairstyle. Tie the upper part of the hair at the back of the head into a half-open hairstyle. The ponytail obtained you then put through the hair, as in the above hairstyle idea above the elastic. You then braid the pigtail and tie it with a thin hair elastic.

Beautiful hairstyles for girls - Half open with cute chignon from a braid braid

From this braid you now form a chignon by simply wrapping it around the elastic, pinning it with hair clips at regular intervals. Although the chignon is very decorative as it is, you can further embellish it with a small barrette.

Two braids as accents in straight hair

Simple braids as an accent in open hair

Pretty hairstyles for little girls are definitely obtained with braids. They are cute and can serve so many purposes – keeping the hair completely out of the face, to form a chignon or just as an accent. The hairstyle in the picture above uses the latter and combines two braids on open, straight hair. For this purpose, you can make a side parting or middle parting as you like, and then braid an ordinary thin braid on one side. Then take the top sections of hair on the other side of the parting and braid a braid to the back, finishing it with a hair tie and a beautiful accessory.