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Bangs hairstyles for autumn – which are in, which out?

Casual bangs never go out of style – sometimes we wear them longer, sometimes ultra-short, sometimes fringed, sometimes accurately cut. That not all bangs are the same is at least certain. But which styles are currently the hottest and which are out? Tikbow checks out the hairstyle trends around the stylish forehead fringe.

Fringe Trend Curtain Bangs

Woman with Curtain Bangs
Curtain bangs are probably the most discreet type of fringe.Photo by Getty Images

The time of extremely accurately cut ponies is over, now we love it fringy and undone. So it’s hardly surprising that curtain bangs are still at the top of the trend list. This translates as “curtain bangs” and the term really hits the nail on the head. The long forehead fringes are parted in the middle like a curtain and are placed on both sides of the forehead. This is what makes the fringe trend so flattering, the strands make the hairstyle look a bit more casual and the facial features softer. Curtain bangs look especially good with long manes or with very layered cuts.

Waft Fringe

Woman with bangs
The Waft Fringe looks a little like a Föhnfrisur from another time – but in stylish!Photo by Getty Images

The waft fringe trend comes pretty close to the curtain bangs style, but is a number more extreme. For the 70s fringe, more hair is cut into the fringe, meaning the fringe is thicker and fuller overall. The styling reinforces the dense look: the hair is parted in the middle, overall antoupled and then the bangs are fanned to both sides with the help of a round brush – you can’t get more retro vibes than that.

Pony Trend Curly Fringe

Woman with Curly Fringe
Quite casual: the curly fringe in combination with a fringed shagPhoto by Getty Images

While it was always said that ponies are only suitable for straight hair, now there is a contrast: the curly fringe is on the rise! The forehead fringe in 80s style is particularly trendy in combination with the trend hairstyle shag and is cut in such a way that the eyebrows are exposed. Thus, the Curly Fringe is virtually the new micro bangs – the accurate, ultra-short forehead fringes are nämlich first passé.

The fringe hairstyle is perfect for women with angular faces, because the casual curly look softens the face. The basic prerequisite for this is, of course, curls – whether the mane is naturally curly or has been helped with a perm, it doesn’t matter.

Feathered Fringe

If you like it a bit more classic, go for the light version of the well-known straight pony, as Heidi Klum wore it for years. Here, some short bangs hang fringed on the forehead, the side bangs are left longer and thus give the face a frame. It is important that the whole is not cut too full and accurate, the goal is rather an undone look. The fringe is styled with a round brush so that the fringe does not stick to the forehead. Then let the bangs hang out and the trend hairstyle with the certain French chic is finished!