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Bandana Trend! 9 simple hairstyles with hair towel

One scarf, sooo many possibilities! The bandana is the ultimate hairstyle all-rounder and one of the big accessory trends for summer! Whether it’s a chignon, braid or open waves – the bandana simply makes any hairstyle more beautiful in an instant. Tikbow explains how the 9 coolest styles with hair scarf work.

The word "Bandana” means übersetzt "binden" and comes from Hindi. Strictly speaking, it is a square scarf, but diamond-shaped or rectangular ones are at least as suitable. This summer not only the classic bandanas are in fashion, (silk) scarves in all shapes, patterns and colors are very popular. The absolute favorite of fashionistas: the hair scarf with logo print.

Bandana in pirate look

Woman with bandana
The pirate-style hair scarf is the perfect hairstyle for a bad hair day!

The pirate look is one of the absolute 90s classics. And it still works today! For the pirate look, either a triangular scarf is used directly or the bandana is folded into a triangle. The scarf is placed with the longest side to the front at the hairline and the two lower ends knotted. The top corner can either fall loosely back over the head or be tied to the bottom knot.

Bandana to beach waves

Woman with bandana hairstyle
One of the simplest bandana styling options: Knotted at the top of the headPhoto: Getty Images

The boho classic among the bandana hairstyles is the look with headband to center parting and open waves. If the hair is in the right position, carefully place the folded scarf around the head from back to front. In front, the ends are twisted around each other and then fed back to the back of the head on the other side. There, knot the ends and hide them under the first layer of ribbon – done!

Casual 90s look with open hair

Woman with hair scarf
Alexandra Lapp ties the Dior scarf like a hairband over her open mane.Photo: Getty Images

Even easier is the open hair scarf variant, where the knot is at the nape of the neck: Put the folded scarf üover the hairline and knot it at the nape of the neck. If the bandana does not hang by itself here, it can be fixed with two hair clips on both sides. Hair over and the hairstyle is ready!

Deep braid with scarf

Woman with hairband
Simply lässig: The bandana as a hair band substitute in a deep braid Photo: Getty Images

Probably the simplest and at the same time most casual look is the bandana as a hair tie substitute in a low braid.The hair is gathered at the nape, the bandana folded, wrapped around it and knotted. Too loose? Under the bandana can be easily hidden a normal braid elastic, which keeps the hair tightly together.

High braid with scarf

Woman with bandana hairstyle
A high braid is easily spiced up with a bandana this summerPhoto: Getty Images

Similar in principle, but far more elegant in look: the high braid with a bandana.With this hairstyle, it is recommended to tie the braid tightly to the head with a hair tie and only then wrap the bandana around it. The ends can hang down loosely or be tied into a bow. Alternatively, you can simply knot the hair scarf around the top of your head – at least as stylish!

Headband look with wide scarf

Woman with bandana hairstyle
It’s sporty with the bandana in the headband variant.Photo: Getty Images

For the headband look, the bandana is worn like a sweatband across the forehead, a sporty style that also looks a little bit pugnacious. The band is wrapped around the head one or more times, depending on the width, so that the entire forehead and hairline is covered. Simply knot it briefly at the back of the head and you’re done.

Chignon with knotted bandana

Woman with bandana
The bandana can also be tied around the head to combine well with a chignon or other updosPhoto: Getty Images

A casual variant is this messy bun with bandana – perfectly it comes into its own in combination with XXL creoles. The Messy Bun is loosely pinned to the upper back of the head. Then pull the scarf from the nape of the neck forward into the forehead and twist it into a bandana knot (see above) and tie it at the back of the head.

(Half) bun with bow

Woman with half bun
It looks especially sü&airstrip; when the silk scarf is worn to a bowPhoto: Getty Images

Elegant and at the same time perfect for hot temperatures is the high chignon with a bow. Freely or with a chignon helper, a high chignon is tied and pinned. Then simply wrap the scarf around it and tie it into a bow at the side. If you still want to show off your mane, tie your hair into a half bun and wrap the scarf around the mini chignon on top of your head.

Deep chignon with scarf

Caro duration with hair scarf
Caro Daur goes for a deep version of the chignon with a scarfPhoto: Getty Images

An elegant and at the same time very casual version of the bandana hat: the deep bun with a scarf. For this look, simply tie a deep chignon, then place the scarf over the hair bun, knot the ends under the chignon and let the lengths fall loosely over the back. If the cloth chignon structure slips – simply pin it down with hair clips.