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Balayage brown vs balayage blond – The big hair color question


For naturally radiant skin and a summery touch to the face, fine, light highlights. The playful use of light and dark shades of brown and blond hair emphasizes parts of the face, visually brightens them and makes them shine. Other, not so advantageous facial contours, on the other hand, can be cleverly concealed in this way. Unlike ombrè, a soft, flowing gradient is created here. Hairstylists achieve a natural sunkissed effect with Balayage highlights on brown and blond hair. And the big hair color question is: Balayage brown vs Balayage blond – Which hair color suits whom best?

Balayage brown vs Balayage blond – Highlights using the Freichand technique

Balayage braun vs Balayage blond -highlights-lange-haare

Depending on the hair structure, Balayage highlights can be achieved on brown and blond hair using a freehand technique with a brush or comb. With painting, individual strands are brushed on in a light shade. For shorter hair, the balayage technique with a comb may even be more appropriate. However, the hairdresser chooses the appropriate method. The goal is to achieve a soft and natural-looking hair coloring, which is customized to the type and is particularly rich in nuances. Depending on personal preferences and matched to the skin tone and eye color, light, strong or soft tones can be conjured up in the hair.

The big hair color question: Balayage brown vs Balayage blond?

Balayage braun vs Balayage blond -stars-kim-kardashian

Brown or blond is the eternal hair color question. A cliché or not, the question has asked every woman once: Do I want to be considered a charming blonde or rather a down-to-earth brunette? Moreover, color changes are simply part of female nature. Through the Ombrè or Balayage technique, you don’t have to definitely decide for the blonde or for the brown variant. Below we clarify which hair color suits which type, and how to bring variety to the hair without drastic experiments.

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Balayage braun vs Balayage blond -ciara-haare

If you are thinking about coloring your hair blonde or brown, then you should first look at yourself very carefully in the mirror and determine your type. Theoretically, any woman can become a blonde or brunette with a visit to the hairdresser. But the most important thing is that the hair color fits the individual type. To determine this, the skin tone and eye color are basically taken into account. If one is clear which hair color fits best, it comes down to choosing the right nuance. Through the balayage technique, you can enjoy all the variety of colors that hair coloring has to offer.

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Balayage blonde


It’s no secret that the blonde mane causes attention and admiration everywhere. Regardless of the season, the blonde shades are associated with summer, beach and sun. The perfect blonde balayage look is a mix of medium and light tones. For ladies with pale, fair complexions, ash blonde shades are just perfect. A warm honey or golden blonde goes well with tanned skin. This supports the natural glow and emphasizes it in a natural way. Ladies with a rosy complexion, which has a bluish undertone, should basically go for hair color with a small amount of red. Otherwise, the skin will look even more reddish.


Adding several layers in the haircut and balayage blonde will update the look and give it an extra glow touch. This little trick is immediately visible and makes for a really summery look. Beautiful flowy waves strengthen the effect and are a popular hairstyling for both long and short hair. With this you can go much brighter and make the result clearly visible.


If a subtle look is desired, darker shades are then used and light shades of brown and blonde are combined. But in doing so, one still remains with Balayage blond. Beautiful, soft color transitions are just recommended for medium length and short or fine hair. This conjures up more volume and the hairstyle looks visually longer. With Balayage blond the light strands are concentrated especially in the front part and thus a soft face framing is created.


Balayage brown


Brunettes can enjoy an even more diverse selection of color shades, since the starting color or the natural hair color is darker than that of blondes. The right brown palette should also be chosen. Here, the darker the skin color, the more intense and darker the brown tone may be. A light complexion with a yellowish undertone gets along best with brown nuances that are not too dark, such as caramel or golden brown. If the skin is tanned, it may be a mahogany tone or a strong chocolate brown. A rosy complexion with a slightly bluish undertone is best suited to ash-brown nuances. This can also be targeted a Snow White look and deliberately achieved a contrast between skin and hair color. Here it should be noted that the face should not look too pale after all.


As a modern French hair coloring technique, balayage has gained international popularity and creates soft, natural-looking highlights that are truly universal and flattering for all women. The biggest advantage here is that up to four months can pass between color treatments. Ladies with naturally brown hair color especially benefit from this, which is why balayage brown is a very popular solution for brunettes. Chocolate brown mixed with reddish tones and a pinch of blonde to offset it conjure up a modern, elegant yet playful look. On shaggy waves, this rich blend of brown looks simply enchanting.


Whether subtle or intense, a balayage brown look always looks modern and textured. Sometimes additional colors and contrasts are not desired and the focus is on beautiful, healthy hair. In this case, soft balayage brown highlights are exactly what it takes. Caramel highlights incorporated around the face lighten it and conjure up a fresh appearance. This also adds an extra accent, but it doesn’t have to. Because just caramel and chocolate brown not only please the eye, but also in the culinary sense just perfectly fit together, they always look doubly appealing.

Balayage brown vs Balayage blond – It depends on the hair styling

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Balayage brown and balayage blonde look particularly good when the hair is styled into casual waves or into the so-called “undone” look, which has now become a hot trend. Here’s how balayage is best styled:


Casual waves – Apply volumizing mousse to towel-dried hair, especially in the lengths. Then blow-dry upside down to conjure up more volume in the hair. Then take individual strands and twist them in with the curling iron. Secure the resulting waves with clips and leave to cool for about 10 minutes to maximize the durability of the hairstyle. Finally, gently comb through the waves with fingers and fix with hairspray.


“Undone” Look – The hair should not be freshly washed. On day two, spray some dry shampoo into the roots. Use a curling iron to twist individual strands into waves. Hold the hot wand for a maximum of ten seconds and avoid curling the ends of the hair. Then tousle the waves and gently push them upwards towards the crown of the head to create a deliberately careless look. Finally, fix with hairspray.

Balayage brown vs balayage blonde: Why not both?


As far as hair color is concerned, women can have it all and don’t need to choose between brown and blonde at all. That’s what the trendy balayage look is for. Balayage brown and balayage blond are simply the ideal solution. Here, the base is dark – usually this is the natural hair color, while in the lengths and tips different bright highlights are incorporated. However, it is also important to choose such nuances that suit your own type and harmonize with each other. It is best to seek advice from a professional or a specialist. The good Balayage hair coloring technique can be recognized by the flowing, soft color gradients that gently frame the face. Hard contrasts are completely excluded.

Variants and differences: Ombrè vs Balayage


The ombrè technique, which was current until recently, is already being replaced by the new hair color trend – balayage. The two differ significantly from each other. Balayage brown or blond is about delicate strands, which are usually only a few shades lighter than the original color and are irregularly distributed throughout the hair. Ombrè, on the other hand, only lightens the lengths of the hair and creates a strong contrast between the roots and the tips. So if you want a natural look, as if kissed by the sun, choose Balayage brown or Balayage blonde, depending on your natural hair color.

Balayage brown vs balayage blond – where and at what cost?


Balayage is almost like a color art for hair. Accordingly, it requires expertise, good technique and creativity. Therefore, rather not dare to experiment with the hair at home. Whether you want to give golden accents to the brunette mane or lighten the natural hair color by a few shades – everything is possible and has its price. For good balayage highlights you have to calculate already around 100 euros. Depending on the initial color, hair length and structure, the cost can vary, of course. It is a lot of work, because for the best and natural-looking results are worked with several colors. With Balayage blond comes if necessary still another bright blond tone and the hair is partially blondiert. Then you should definitely think about a hair therapy or hair treatment, which excludes the damage caused by bleaching or repairs the damaged hair.