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Anti-aging hairstyles: 10 haircuts that conceal wrinkles and effectively set off gray hair

Sagging skin and brittle hair are simply part of aging. Fortunately, you can counteract the process with a few tricks. A suitable haircut cheats away several years and provides a fresh look. But the anti-aging hairstyles can do much more – they conceal wrinkles, highlight cheekbones, conjure up volume and effectively accentuate gray hair.

Anti-Aging Hairstyles: Sassy Short Haircuts

short haircuts from 50 that have an anti-aging effect

The Pixie Cut is the hairstyle par excellence for thin hair. Whether without, with a short side parting or with long bangs – the hairstyle can be varied at will and adapted to the shape of the face. The classic hairstyle looks especially cool when it is slightly longer at the back. This makes the haircut look more harmonious and subtly emphasizes the facial features.

bold short hairstyles for gray hair that hide cheekbones

Steps and undercuts bring freshness to the haircut and, if styled correctly, provide a lot of volume. Blow dry the top hair upwards and style the shorter sides with your fingers to give the hairstyle a modern bold look.

Pixie cut haircut for women with gray hair

Short layered cuts in combination with fringed hair ends look confident and feminine at the same time. The pageboy head, for example, is totally on trend, but this year it is being reinterpreted. The top section of hair is longer, so that the highlights gently flow around the face and make problem areas disappear. The fringed bangs, which fall casually into the forehead, make one or two wrinkles disappear.

Elegant medium length haircuts for gray hair

Bob with bangs anti aging hairstyles for gray hair

The classic bob with a touch of extravagance can also look like a rejuvenating treatment. The compact layered hairstyle is perfect for those who want a dynamic and neat cut. The long fringed bangs conceal wrinkles and the strands in the front, which are about longer, gently frame the face. This hairstyle is the perfect transition to gray hair. Blonde highlights help to conceal the hairline and give the hairstyle more fullness.

hide forehead wrinkles with curtain bangs bob hairstyle chin length from 50

Bob with curtain bangs is a good example of how the cool can look a medium length hairstyle in combination with glasses. Short at the nape, front – long, the haircut creates a feminine and modern look.

short haircuts with anti aging effect and waves from 60

Light waves bring more movement to the hair. If you still want to trick volume, you should go for subtle blonde highlights. Of course, you should not overdo it, so that the salt-and-pepper look is maintained and the hairstyle looks as natural as possible. This is precisely the charm of beach waves – they look natural and fresh.

Hairstyles for gray hair and thin hair with anti aging effect

The natural aging of hair is a process in which more and more white highlights appear over time. Instead of coloring them away, you can make the white hair look attractive. A matching hairstyle can subtly accentuate the highlights and looks beautiful even without dyeing. With age, hair becomes brittle and thin and needs proper care. If regular hair coloring is eliminated, then they can keep their shine and bounce for longer.

Long haircuts for women with “salt and pepper” hair.

Farah Faucett hairstyle with bangs for gray hair

It doesn’t always have to be a classic haircut. For all trendsetters over 40, there is the Feathered Haircut. The hairstyle, first presented by actress Farrah Fawcett in the 70s, is making a real comeback. It is perfect for women with straight hair who want a long cut. The many steps, which are worked into the hair in the front, on the sides and in the back, give the hair swing and fullness. Optimally, the ends of the hair should first touch the shoulders.

let gray hair grow out from 40

By the way, medium-length and long hair can be super staged with the right hair accessories. Even an inconspicuous haircut provides with the right styling for a fresh look and makes you look younger immediately. Whether loosely tied into a ponytail or a casual chignon or perhaps a classic French braid: the possibilities are simply endless. You can choose between hair bands, sprunchies, hair clips with print and hair ties with bows and thus try out different hairstyle trends.

conceal gray hairline without dyeing

By the way, you can wear long hair even at 50 and 60. To make the hairstyle look really good, some simple tricks will help. Steps that are subtly incorporated, in combination with light waves, provide a casual look. The haircut is suitable for everyday use and you can quickly and easily style your hair in the morning. Individual highlights colored in a warm shade can refresh the complexion and visually bring out the facial features better. These virtually “disappear” into the waves and look very natural.

step cuts from 40 for more volume

For women with fine hair, the so-called beach waves are ideal. The hair is styled into chutes while still wet or tied into braids. Let them air-dry afterwards and work in a styling product for more hold. However, daily care is simply a must. Otherwise, the thin hair will fall apart after just a few hours. By the way, the waves should start from the chin first. For more volume at the roots, you can use a round brush when blow-drying.

Whether short, medium length or long: even at 40 and 50 you can style your gray hair modern, fresh and cool. Fortunately, there is a wide range of anti-aging hairstyles that instantly cheat away a few years.