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Anne Haaraway – Hollywood star with a new look

Anne Hathaway has done it again – and got a short haircut. The Oscar winner (“Les Misérables”) shows up in new photos with a wavy short bob, and not only that: the actress also gave her style a good makeover. Tikbow knows what’s behind it.

Long coat in dark denim, flared pants, beige-brown turtleneck sweater, smooth leather gloves, XXL sunglasses – in recent pictures, the actress looks like the early 80s. And that is how it should be: The new look is due to her film "Armageddon Time", which is set in this time and for which Anne Hathaway is currently in New York City in front of the camera. Thereby, Hathaway’s movie hairstyle is also fully in trend in 2021!

New look! Anne Hathaway with short hair

Anne Hathaway on the set of "Armageddon Time"
Back to the 80s! Anne Hathaway shows up in New York City with a completely new lookPhoto: Getty Images

The mom-of-two swapped her shoulder-length straight hair with light bangs for a wavy, layered short bob with a side parting that reaches just to her chin at its shortest point. The fresh haircut is rounded off with a makeover in this fall’s trend color: caramel brown.

It’s not the first time Anne Hathaway has dared to cut her hair: for her role as Fantine in the musical film Les Miserables, she shaved off all her hair in 2012 and then styled it as a pixie cut. A look for which she decided herself and which underlined her type extremely well. Nevertheless, she confessed later that she broke out into uncontrollable tears at the time. "I was untröstlich", said the actress. 

Who suits a short hairstyle à la Anne Hathaway?

In general: Böse Üsurprises at the hairdresser can be easily avoided with the so-called 5.7-centimeter rule. Simply place a pencil horizontally under the tip of the chin and use a ruler to measure vertically the distance from the earlobe to the chin line extended by the pencil. If the distance is less than 5.7 centimeters, you can give the go-ahead to the hairdresser and his scissors; if it is more, hairdressing professionals advise longer hair.

How to style a wavy short bob à la Anne Hathaway?

For waves à la Hathaway it is advisable to work mousse into damp hair to give the hairstyle more volume and firmness – they succeed both with the curling iron and with a straightening iron. Salt spray provides additional volume and grip in the hair. The good thing is that the cut also works in a sleek sleek look and is therefore extremely versatile in terms of style.