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A greasy hairline can be useful for the hair appointment

Many people are uncomfortable going to the hairdresser with unwashed hair. But if you want to get advice, it makes the expert’s job easier. We explain why and what else needs to be considered.

Greasy hair makes hair analysis easier for the hairdresser

With greasy hair to the hairdresser? Exactly to it advises Jens Dagné of the hairdresser association Intercoiffure Mondial: "That makes with the consultation and particularly with the scalp and hair analysis much more sense" Freshly washed hair prevented an objective evaluation. "Because for us specialists it is important to differentiate whether it is actually a greasy or perhaps rather a moist scalp", explains Dagné. The care should be individually tailored to it – this is only possible if the expert can correctly assess the hair condition.

However, the last wash should not be longer than three days ago, emphasizes the master hairdresser from Worms. Because a völlig ungepflegtes and greasy hair treats no hairdresser gladly.

How often should you wash your hair?

How often you have to wash your hair depends decisively on two factors: Hair structure and scalp type. Women with oily scalps are advised to wash their hair every other day at the latest, and they should also refrain from the trend of doing without hair washing altogether. In the worst case, you can risk scalp eczema. Those with dry hair or curls can also wash their hair only once or twice a week.

Further tip of the expert für the hairdresser attendance

It is best to also remove the earrings before the cutting appointment. "If it is only a very, very small and flat plug, it should almost not matter", says Dagné. "But with anything that is larger and where you are left hanging with the hairdresser"s comb, it is better to take them off." Otherwise, it could happen that the earrings get pulled out.

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