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8 hairbrushes that have won us over

Paddle brush, plastic pins, natural bristles – who would have thought that there are so many differences even in a basic beauty gadget like the hairbrush? There is a suitable model for every hair length, thickness and texture.

Which ones do we go for? Here editors reveal their favorites in terms of hairbürste.

"Wet & Dry Paddle Brush" by Parsa Beauty

Recommended by Anna-Lena, Editor Tikbow

My hair is long and quite thick. That’s why I need a sturdy brush that manages to work its way through my hair – unfortunately, I can’t do much with particularly gentle natural bristle models. Ideal for my hair structure are therefore paddle brushes – rectangular detangling brushes, which often come with plastic pins especially for thick hair. Due to the large surface area, a lot of hair is processed at once, the relatively long plastic bristles detangle even the lowest hair layer – and the whole thing without much pulling. My favorite: the Parsa Beauty "Wet & Dry Paddle Brush" (approx. 8 euros).

"Compact Styler" by Tangle Teezer

Recommended by Laura, editor myHOMEBOOK

For my hair only the "Tangle Teezer" (from about 15 euros) comes into question. I have been using it for several years and I am still very satisfied. It detangles the hair without pulling or pulling it out. The smaller versions, which fit in a handbag, are also particularly practical.

Bamboo paddle brush" from The Body Shop

Recommended by Alina, photo editor

When asked about my favorite hairbrush, I have a clear answer: the bamboo hairbrush from The Bodyshop. It is very small, so it works well for my fine hair, which would quickly build up static with natural hairbrushes and lose volume.

Antistatic brush" from SeWooo

Recommended by Marlene, working student

I have been using the antistatic hair brush from SeWooo (about 13 euros), because I like the shape, size and feel very much. The brush is also uncomplicated when it comes to light winding and blow-drying, and because of the nubs on the bristles, my fine hair doesn’t get tangled.

Arizona massage brush from For your Beauty.

Recommended by Beatrix, Lead Editor Tikbow

My hair is special – if I don’t use a spülung, I can’t get it through after washing. No chance. For my taste, the brush has to be correspondingly robust. I currently use a model from Rossmann’s own brand For your Beauty (approx. 6.50 euros), with bristles and nubs made entirely of plastic. Hairdressers would probably beat their hands together over their heads, because such a hard brush is neither good for the scalp nor for the hair – but I for one can get through my fine hair just fine.

"Hair care brush pear drops" from Kost Kamm

Recommended by Anna, FITBOOK editor

It sounds funny, but I swear on it: The best Bürste I ever had was one with boar bristles – the Kost Kamm "Haarpflegebürste drop pear tree" (from about 37 euros). The bristles ähneln the human hair very much and have the fantastic property that they redistribute the fat from the base to the dry tips. One comes with the Bürste also super through the hair, it glänzt and the firm bristles massage pleasantly the scalp. Unfortunately, I lost it and the price is also not exactly low – dafür but then you get a handle made of pear or plum tree wood, which is super comfortable in the hand.

Hairbürste favorites: "Air Cushion Comb 2 Colors" from Betued.

Recommended by Anastasia, Junior Affiliate & Campaign Manager

For my hair I use "Air Cushion Comb 2 Colors" from Betued (about 18 euros). The Bürste not only kämmt, it also massages the scalp and statically charged hair are also no longer a problem.

Hairbrush favorites – "Nature Woodbrush" by Ebelin

Recommended by Rita, Editor TECHBOOK

My favorite brush consists of a mixture of natural bristles and nylon bristles. I bought it at Dm (about 7.50 euros) and have been using it for years because it simply gets through my long and fine hair the best without charging it with static electricity. Also after the hair wash I get my wet hair gebändigt by them. Since it is made entirely of wood, the brush is very sturdy and also feels good in the hand. I prefer the paddle shape because it grips a little more hair than the oval Bürsten. Small tip: I clean the natural bristles regularly with shampoo and a brush comb, so it stays clean and can be used for a long time.