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6 cool summer hairstyles for thick hair

Who would not like to have a long, thick dream mane? In fact, a full head of hair can quickly turn into a nightmare in the summer: It gets boiling hot under the long hairstyle and with the thick strands no updo style really wants to hold. Tikbow shows 5 everyday hairstyles for thick hair that not only look cool, but are also comfortable to wear in high temperatures.

No question, the easiest way is to simply wear long, thick hair open, for example in a sleek look or with light beach waves – the mane makes so many things possible. But if the temperatures climb beyond the 25 degree mark, open styles are almost unthinkable. Sweat on the neck and face? Preprogrammed! But which hairstyles are really suitable for thick hair in summer? Tikbow does the check!

Half-up hairstyles for thick hair

Half-up buns or bangs are the ideal hairstyle for those who have thick hair. The look with the half braid looks especially beautiful when both braid or chignon and the lengths look full. And: Only half of the mane hangs at the nape of the neck, so the hairstyle is also very comfortable on hot summer days.

Woman with half up ponytail
Half-up hairstyles work just as well with curls as with straight hairPhoto: Getty Images

Here’s how it works: Section off the hair at the top of the head, shape the upper part into a braid with the help of a Bürste. Then fix the whole thing at the top of the back of the head with a thin hair tie and, if necessary, twist it into a chignon. To ensure that the bun lasts all day, it is better not to wash the hair directly beforehand, but rather to make it more manageable with a little dry shampoo. Finally, fix everything well with hairspray and enough hair clips, then the hairstyle hält even with thick hair and heat.

Messy Knot

A high chignon hält difficult with thick hair – anyway if it is to look a bit messy and therefore not fixed with tons of hairspray. Therefore, it makes sense to move the bun directly further down. The hairstyle solution for thick hair is called Messy Knot. The term refers to a trendy hairstyle, which is knotted loosely short üover the nape of the neck. From the "messy" Dutt dürfen also like strands stick out, that is even gewünscht! Then it is finally no longer a problem when once again no hair band is big enough to really hold all the thick hair neatly together.

Woman with Messy Knot
Not in the mood for elaborate hair styling? The Messy Knot is the perfect hairstyle for such days.Photo: Getty Images

Here’s how: part your hair in the middle, gather it into a braid at the nape of your neck and then knot it into a loose chignon. The tips can stick out, hair clips are not needed. If you want it a bit fancier, knot a silk scarf into the bun.

French Twist with XXL barrette

The French twist with XXL hair clip is the trend hairstyle for this summer – the problem with it: Thick hair does not fit easily into any claw clip. That’s why you should always go for the biggest model you can find.

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Here’s how it works: Part the hair in the middle and comb it strictly back. Then gather the mane into a braid at the nape of the neck and twist it in lengthwise with one hand, while the second hand continues to hold the braid in place. Then place the index and middle fingers of the holding hand under the twisted braid, grasp the middle of the hair lengths with the fingers and pull upwards like a loop until the typical banana shape of the hairstyle is created. Then simply fix with the XXL clip – done. If you prefer the 90s look with the tips sticking out, twist the hair together at the nape and – skip the loop step. Instead, simply twist the braid upwards and pin the barrette directly into the hair – so that the ends of the hair are peeking out – over the barrette.

Tendril Hair

Tendril Hair – this is a hairstyle where the front strands are left out of braid or chignon to frame the face. The look was extremely trendy back in the 90s, and now the retro hairstyle is making a comeback. The hairstyle is ideal for all those with particularly full hair, because so there are at least a few strands less, which must find room in bun or ponytail – the hair tie can then hold a tad better, the chignon is not too voluminous.

Woman with Tendril Hair
Tendril hair is not only stylish, it also takes some volume out of the braid.Photo: Getty Images

This is how it’s done: Part the hair in the middle and cut off a strand about two fingers thick on each side. Then tie the two strands together with a hair clip or elastic so that they do not slip into the braid. Then style a tight high ponytail or bun. If necessary, add gel to the hair so that everything sits well and no strands fall out of the braid. Then fix the braid properly, remove the two front strands from the elastic and style with a straightening iron if necessary. Alternatively, you can braid the strands – the style is then called Braided Tendrils.

Braided hairstyles for thick hair

Admittedly, braiding thick hair can be a real challenge. But once the braids are in the hair, it looks extremely nice and airy on the head. For thick hair, it is recommended to always use two or more braids, so the volume is better distributed. It doesn’t matter whether you start at the top of the head and braid all the way down, or whether you only loosely braid the lengths at the sides – both looks are currently quite popular.

Woman with braided hairstyle
Braided hairstyles with two (or more) twists are perfect for thick hairPhoto: Getty Images

This is how it’s done: Part the hair in the middle again and tie one half to the side with a braid elastic. For the Dutch braid variant, start at the top of the hairline and braid to the back. Important: Before crossing each strand always add a strand from the outside – so that in the end all hairs are braided. It is the same game on the other side. It is essential to braid tightly and neatly, otherwise the braid with the thick hair quickly becomes very voluminous and stands out of place from the head. If you just want two braids on the sides, simply divide 3 strands on each side, braid from the ear downwards as usual and fix the whole thing with thin braid bands.

Space Buns

The typical festival hairstyle space buns has disappeared in the lockdown period with the big events. But now the cool hairstyle with two or more buns on the head is revived and makes sense especially for thick hair. Finally, everything with double tongues is best suited for full manes – so the volume is distributed over several tongues.

Woman with Space Buns
Space buns look cool and are best suited for very full hair.Photo: Getty Images

This is how it works: Part the hair in the middle and tie one half of the hair back to the side with a braid. Then comb the open side like a ponytail and fix it with a hair tie. Then twist the braid strands into a chignon and secure with bobby pins and spray. Repeat the same on the other side – and ideally pay attention to symmetry – done.