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5 tips for the application of dry shampoo

Dry shampoo refreshes the hair within a few seconds and easily bridges the time until the next wash. Tikbow knows 5 tips on how to use spray shampoo correctly.

Gone are the days when dry shampoo had a very intense smell and a texture that was difficult to style (and quickly looked like dandruff). Today, many women prefer dry shampoo to ordinary shampoo, because dry shampoos not only save time, but also create a lot of volume in the hair. And besides, it’s much healthier not to wash your hair too often anyway. However, you shouldn’t use spray shampoo too often either. We tell you how to get the best out of dry shampoos and how to avoid mistakes.

1. hair washing must still be

Let’s be clear: dry shampoo does not replace "proper" hair washing für always. It is only applied to the hair shaft, sweat or sebum residues are not thoroughly removed from the scalp. Once a week it should be water and shampoo. However, dry shampoo is ideal as an express refresher, when traveling or to postpone the regular wash cycle by two or three days.

2. use dry shampoo sparingly

Hold the can about 20 to 30 centimeters from the head and spray in short strokes on the areas at the roots that really need refreshing – that is: partially – and not on the entire hair. Leave the powder on for at least three, preferably ten minutes, so that it can best absorb grease or styling residue on the surface of the hair. Now gently massage in with your fingers or a towel and then brush out. Natural bristles are best suited for this purpose, as they are particularly gentle in removing oil and dirt. For the ideal result, briefly blow on the head with your hair.
Tip: Bangs should not dry shampoo on, but below the pony, directly at the base apply. This prevents it from sticking to the forehead.

3. pay attention to the hair color.

In the past, brunettes were at a disadvantage: The powdery spray left a light veil on their heads. Fortunately, dry shampoos are now available either completely colorless or specifically for blond, brown or black hair. Even a gray roots can be concealed with it if desired. Dry shampoos are also available in different formulations. Some give extra volume, others provide shine.

4. use dry shampoo as a styling product.

Dry shampoo gives the hair, similar to hairspray, great volume and grip. It is easier to style, and hair accessories such as barrettes or bows hold better. When applied to individual curls, it ensures that they do not curl into each other.

5. do not forget hair care

The saved time for washing hair should be invested once a week in an extensive care – in the long run, the nämlich on the line. Dry shampoo contains no restorative, nourishing active ingredients, so conditioners, cures and care masks are indispensable. If the base is healthy, the miracle weapon dry shampoo works better on the übrigen days of the week.