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5 quick hairstyles for hot days

When the thermometer shows summer temperatures, straighteners and curling irons have a break. What we need now are uncomplicated, practical looks that still look good. These simple hairstyles are therefore just the thing for summer.

Not in the mood for hair heat and hours of standing in front of the mirror? Understandable, after all, you want to spend as much time as possible outdoors in warm temperatures. Especially on vacation, hairstyles need to be simple, practical, but also beautiful. For these uncomplicated hairstyles you need therefore no longer than fünf minutes — promised.

1. tücher add sophistication to hairstyles on vacation

Goes quickly and always looks good: Ketevan Giorgadze with hair band

Whether as a turban or headband replacement: bandanas and colorful silk scarves are versatile. They are also perfect for concealing a bad hair day or styling bangs out of the face. This makes it possible to relax on the beach even on windy days without wild strands constantly swirling around your face. The easiest way is to fold the scarf narrowly and knot it at the side of the back of the head.

2. braided hair for long summer nights

Braided pigtails are practical and beautiful.Photo: Getty Images

The perfect companions to the beach bar or summer party? Braided hairstyles with a boho touch! And we’re not talking super elaborate, accurate works of art here. Quite the opposite: braided hair loves the messy look, whether you’re braiding just one strand or several into a pin-up hairstyle or doing a side fishbone braid. Particularly easy to braid übrigens after a day at the swimming lake or sea, because then they are schön griffig.

3. the chignon: savior on hot days

Actress Anna Wolfers with high chignon

Why the chignon is one of the ideal hairstyles for any vacation? Because you don’t have any hair hanging in your face and your neck stays nice and breezy on hot days. Whether it’s the classic ballerina knot, the high undone chignon or the chignon twisted low on the back of the head, the principle is always easy: simply make a ponytail, put the hair around the hair tie and pin it in place.

4. the wet look looks particularly cool in summer

Larsen Thompson with cool wet look Photo: Getty Images

Summer sun-beach feeling awaken hair that looks as if it were still wet. Moreover, wet-look hairstyles are super quick to do and look androgynous-glamorous. It is especially cool when only the hairline is covered with gel and the lengths remain dry. Super advantage: you don’t have to wash or dry your hair.

5. ponytails are the perfect hairstyles for the vacation

Xenia Adonts wears her hair in a loose, deep ponytail.Photo: Getty Images

The ponytail is one of the most popular hairstyles and is perfect for any vacation. Simply tie all the hair loosely back over the head – the higher, the sexier – and secure with an elastic. And you don’t even need a mirror for that, because with messy strands sticking out, the look won’t look as severe and more random.