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3 solid shampoos that have convinced us

Solid shampoo is on the rise: After all, it is not only significantly more productive than its liquid counterpart, it also saves unnecessary packaging waste. Meanwhile, the so-called shampoo bars are not only available in many different variants that adapt to the care needs of different hair types, but also from various manufacturers. The Tikbow editors reveal their favorites.

"Coconut Rice Cake" from Lush

Recommended by Katharina, editor Tikbow
For ökological reasons, I try as much as possible to do without care products in travel size on vacation. My faithful companion for years: the solid shampoo "Coconut Rice Cake" (55g/approx. 11 euros) from Lush in a practical metal can. It is not only insanely productive, you also do not have to worry that it could run out on the road. On top of that, it makes my hair wonderfully clean and shiny, nourishes thanks to coconut cream and organic coconut milk, and has a pleasant scent.

"Solid Shampoo" from Balea

Recommended by Luise, graphic work student
I was long on the search for a solid shampoo that can replace the conventional and have finally fündig with the Shampoo Bars from Balea (60g/ca. 2,95 euros). They schäumen very well, my hair is not sticky and they smell fresh and clean. Furthermore, the products are vegan and free of silicones and parabens.

"Nessi" by Sauberkunst

Recommended by Daniela, Editorial Director Tikbow
"Nessi" by Sauberkunst (45g/ca. 2,40 Euro) gehört zu meinen liebsten festen Shampoos. Es enthält Hanf- und Klettenwurzelöl sowie einen Extrakt aus Brennnesseln, Aloe Vera Gel, Sole, Lava-Erde und ätherischen Ölen. Das alles pflegt meine Haare und Kopfhaut ohne künstliche Zusatzstoffe.