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14 snappy short hairstyles that look great on ladies over 60 with glasses and instantly conjure away a few years

Regardless of age, we all want to look good and it really is surprising exactly how much the haircut changes our look. With the right cut, some signs of aging can be concealed and the most beautiful facial features can be highlighted. Thus, a hairstyle can really make you look younger and modern despite having gray hair or glasses. Are you over 60 and wear glasses? Here we have gathered some snappy short hairstyles for ladies over 60, which perfectly match glasses and even beautifully highlight them.

Short hair and glasses – what should you pay attention to?

The most beautiful short hairstyle for older ladies with round face

In old age, glasses are a necessity for many ladies. At the age of 60, the majority is already affected to some extent by presbyopia and the easiest solution to this problem is, of course, glasses. Although some ladies consider them a disadvantage, glasses can also be a pretty accessory if they fit well and match the shape of the face. Hairstyle also plays an important role, as hair should not get in the way of the visual aid or interfere with the view.

Tapered Cut short and glasses dashing short haircut ladies over 60 years

A short hairstyle can successfully set off the glasses and make them a real fashion accessory. The right glasses frame can additionally cheat a few years off the overall look, making you look up to 10 years younger in combination with a nice short haircut !

Snappy short hairstyles for women over 60 who wear glasses: Pixie variations.

Older women often feel that there is a limited choice of short hairstyles. Let us convince you otherwise by looking at some snappy short hairstyles from 60 with glasses in our image gallery.

Sassy short hairstyle for glasses

Brushed up pixie haircut for women over 60

If you just can’t stand hair on your forehead, you can try a short pixie cut with short or even no bangs. In order for the glasses not to stick out, you need to leave the sides a little longer. Bangs styled backwards will go wonderfully with the glasses and won’t interfere. This short haircut does not require so much maintenance and can be restyled in a few minutes with the right products.

Pixie cut for gray hair with long bangs.

Pixie Cut with bangs a hairstyle that looks great with glasses

If you want to conceal some forehead wrinkles, this variant of the Pixie Cut is just the right choice. Here, the top hair is longer and transitions into a full fringe that reaches just above the eyes. Paired with stylish cateye glasses, this hairstyle creates a younger look even with gray hair.

Sassy and modern: gray pixie with undercut for older ladies.

Undercut Pixie Cut for glasses wearers from 60 cool haircut

The undercut is a haircut for bold ladies, regardless of their age. Even at 60, you can look great with an undercut pixie! For example, you can wear it with a side parting and a short shaved side. This will give you a sassy cut and show off your new glasses!

Easy care short hairstyle for ladies over 60 with glasses and round face.

Long Pixie for women over 60 with glasses

A short cut with bangs is a cute, adorable haircut for 60-year-old women with round faces. It requires minimal styling and gives a great look. Here, a short fringe is added to conceal a more prominent forehead and thin hair. It is also a great advantage that the bangs add extra emphasis to the round face.

Pixie bob from 60 with curls

Fleet short hairstyle for curly hair from 60 salt and pepper look

Curls and bangs are a great combo! If you are naturally blessed with curly hair, then you can rock this Long Pixie Cut. Still known as Pixie Bob , this hairstyle will show off your curls well and cleverly conceal the glasses frame under your hair.

Short shag cut for ladies 60+ with glasses

Shaggy short hairstyle with short bangs

Shaggy hairstyle short for women over 60 with glasses

If you prefer to wear a sassy cut, then you are well advised to go for the Shag Cut. The multiple layers and layers make this hairstyle something special that can be customized to fit your exact face shape and glasses. A short fringe gives this cut even more power and sets off the glasses beautifully.

Shag Cut for gray hair

Shag Cut short and smart for older ladies with glasses

The Short Shag looks great with both colored and gray hair and is extremely versatile. A thin fringe goes wonderfully with it, which serves equally well to conceal the creases on the forehead and put the focus on the glasses.

Shaggy short hairstyle with curtain bangs

Ideas for dashing short hairstyles from 60 with glasses stepped

Whether your hair is thick or thin, this cut will create exactly the necessary volume in the hair . Your hairdresser can best determine which steps need to be cut longer and which shorter to conjure up a bold, youthful look.

Bob variants for dashing short hairstyles for women over 60 with glasses

Stepped bob with bangs for thin hair

Snappy short hairstyles from 60 with glasses tiered bob outgrown bangs

Steps are the be-all and end-all for thin hair in old age. A stepped bob is one of the most popular hairstyles for ladies over 50 and 60 who have straight fine hair without volume. The steps add movement and bounce to the hair and with a matching fringe, wrinkles on the forehead can be concealed, always creating a younger look.

Look younger with a textured bob with lowlights

Structured bob blonde lowlights dashing short hairstyles for women 60+ with glasses

A bob with blonde highlights adds dimension and fullness. The different shades of blonde enhance this classic short haircut, and the contrasting frame creates a fresh look with a youthful vibe.

French bob with short, straight bangs

Short French bob with blunt bangs for gray hair and glasses

If you love a geometric cut, this short French bob with blunt-cut short bangs is a snappy hairstyle to try. Still known as baby bangs, this fringe is a good choice for women who wear glasses.

Stacked bob: a trendy short haircut that also goes well with glasses

Snappy short hairstyles for 60 year old ladies with glasses

A classic short bob is the ideal haircut for women who love shape and volume. In this hairstyle, the layers are stacked, which means that they are cut so that the hair above is slightly shorter, creating natural volume. This hairstyle is still known as “stacked bob” and is totally trendy right now.