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12 short hairstyles 2021 for fine hair from 60, which conjure up older ladies years younger!

So you are an older lady over sixty with fine hair? Don’t worry, we have plenty of great hairstyle suggestions for you! From short pixies to shoulder length bobs – you can choose a haircut that best suits your face shape. Moreover, these short hairstyles for fine hair 60+ can conjure you a few years younger!

hairstyles for fine thin hair over 60

Choose a feature you want to emphasize – eyes, cheeks or chin? Do you know the ideal hair length that suits you best – undercut, step cut or blunt cut? What shape should you choose – classic, A-line or cut at the nape?

When styling, be ready to either air dry or blow dry your hair. Thickening spray and dry shampoo can add the finishing touches to fine hair.

gray pixie with bangs for fine hair over 60

Keep in mind that short hairstyles are a time commitment. If you have very short hair, be prepared to have it shaped every 4-6 weeks. If you have cheekbone-length hair, you will need a topiary every 6-10 weeks, and if you have chin-length hair, every 8-12 weeks. Before your next hair appointment, check out these short hairstyles for fine hair 60+:

Stepped bob with highlights

short haircut for fine hair over 60 with highlights

A layered bob is a good choice if you want your gray, thin hair to appear thicker from 60. Steps add fullness and volume to fine hair. Add bangs to this cut to soften the face. Thin hair should be recut every 3 weeks, as even a small length will weigh hair down.

Pixie with sidecut for fine hair over 60

sidecut pixie haircut for short gray hair over 60

A sidecut pixie is ideal for older ladies who wear glasses. In this haircut, the hair is shaved away on one side, so it is easy to style. If you have fine hair, the side parting can give you more movement and extra volume.

Fringed Pixie

short hairstyle pixie ladies from 60 fine hair with glasses

If you want a modern short hairstyle over 60, go for a fringed pixie. This cut works wonderfully with fine, straight hair. The short strands can be styled with a small straightening iron to create texture. Then apply hair wax or pomade to create a fancy look.

Bob with short neck

hairstyle for fine hair from 60 years gray and black with glasses

If you are looking for a look that flatters a woman with glasses, short hairstyles with a short nape are a good choice. These also look good with most face shapes. However, if you have a narrow face, you should add more volume in the front.

Pixie Bob with Undercut

short hairstyles for fine hair over 70 - Pixie with Undercut

A pixie bob with an undercut is a great way to modernize your short haircut. Ask your hairdresser to trim the sides and back of your head, leaving the top hair long all the way to your ears. Be careful not to shave the undercut too short if you have very fine hair, or you will see your scalp showing through. If you want your hair to look thicker, you should style it flat on top. This sassy hairstyle can definitely make you look younger.

Tint white hair pastel pink

short hairstyle and pastel pink hair color for thin hair from 60

Pink hair is girly and extraordinary at the same time. Why not give your white hair a little pep? The hair tint washes out and is perfect for just trying something new. After that, you can also experiment with lilac purple or peach!

Feathered Pixie Bob for fine hair over 60

short hairstyle for fine hair over 50

The feathered pixie bob for women in their sixties gives fine hair a beautiful shape and more bounce. The long, side-draped bangs transition into feathered tiers all over the head, resembling bird feathers. The face framing blonde strands make the face look fresh and young.

Gentle waves conjure up volume

short hairstyle for fine hair over 50 schulterlang

Stepped bobs with waves are ideal for adding movement and volume to fine hair. To recreate this look, use either a straightening iron or a curling iron. Don’t forget to straighten the bangs to show off the waves even more.

Classic bob with bangs

short hairstyle bob with bangs for fine hair from 50 with glasses

A classic bob haircut for older ladies is ideal for fine to medium thick hair. It is a timeless short hairstyle with bangs that takes only a few minutes every day. The length of this cut is adjustable, which makes it ideal for most face shapes.

Blonde pixie with long top coat for fine hair over 60

short hairstyle blonde for fine thin hair from 50

We love this cute short pixie haircut that is perfect for a sixty year old. The ash blonde hair color rejuvenates the face and the extra long bangs are perfect for hiding wrinkles and skin imperfections.

Bob with A-line and bangs for fine hair from 60

asymmetrical bob with bangs - short hairstyle from 60

A side-cut, layered bob is ideal for ladies over sixty who want to bring their short, fine hair back to life. This hairstyle requires very little maintenance due to the loose stepped cut and the pony. The steps in the front perfectly frame the face and make it look narrower.

Pageboy head with micro bangs in salt-and-pepper look

Pageboy head with baby bangs for older ladies

The pageboy head is the perfect short hairstyle for older ladies with straight hair – whether it is thick or thin. This look is edgy and requires little styling. The micro bangs bring the facial features into focus and set off the eyes. What makes the look even more special is the interplay of black and white highlights. You can read more about the salt-and-pepper look in this article.