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12 cool hairstyles 2021 for chubby women with round face and ideas for every age!

With the right outfit, curvy women can conceal one or another problem zone and conjure up a slim silhouette. The optimal haircut has a similar effect: with it, a chubby face can be lengthened and optimally emphasized. What hairstyles can conceal well-padded cheeks and a double chin? Check out these cool hairstyles for chubby women with round face here! They will give you an instant boost of confidence!

What hairstyle for chubby women?

Women with a round face should look for haircuts that create the illusion of a thinner face. These can vary in hair length and shape, of course. Visually elongate your round face by opting for a haircut that frames it nicely. Stylists recommend going for bangs, steps or a side parting.

Bangs make the face look instantly radiant as they accentuate the cheekbones

hairstyles for chubby women with round face and glasses over 60

Bangs softly frame the face and make it look slimmer. If you are one of those women who are not into bangs, you can achieve a similar effect with long, sweeping steps in your hair! Spice up your new hairstyle even more with a playful gradient.

Adding highlights enhances the hairstyle very nicely

Pixie bob with highlights - haircut for curvy women

While browsing our image gallery of hairstyles for chubby women, it is important to make sure that the model shown has a similar hair texture as you. Once you have found the perfect haircut, it would be helpful to show your hairdresser the photo. This way, it will be easier for him to create a cut that is exactly tailored to your preferences and your needs.

Shag hairstyle with curtain bangs

cool shag hairstyle for woman with chubby face

Opt for a shag haircut with curtain bangs if you want to make a round jawline look visually slimmer. This hairstyle features cascading steps and is very flattering for round faces. Choose a fringe that goes just above the eyebrows and gradually gets longer at the cheekbones.

Pixie with long bangs

Short hairstyle for stout women

If you’re interested in a cute pixie for women with double chins, look no further. Pixie cuts for full faces look best with more volume at the top of the head and a longer, side-parted fringe. For maintaining the perfect shape, you should renew your haircut every 4-6 weeks.

Tiered bob with feathery bangs for women over 60

short hairstyles for chubby women over 60

Women over 60 with a round face can’t go wrong with a layered bob. Combine this chic haircut with a fringed fringe and a salt-and-pepper hair color.

Inverted bob with side worn bangs for plump women.

Bob hairstyle for curvy woman with round face

A medium length inverted bob with long bangs is a must-have for women with round faces. The A-line and side bangs stretch the proportions and distract from the plump parts of the face. A rich chocolate brown hair color can show off your hair texture beautifully.

Asymmetrical short bob with undercut

Bob with undercut - trend hairstyle for women with round face

Undercuts are a wonderful option to frame the face with asymmetrically styled hair. Asymmetrical haircuts add lines and edges to a round face. Ask your hairstylist to style one side flatter and leave more volume on the other. This will create a visual stretch.

asymmetrical short bob for curvy women

Wavy LOB with side parting.

half-length hairstyles for chubby women with round face and double chin

A half-length LOB is an extremely flattering haircut for women with double chins. The loose falling strands in the front that go down below the chin create a slimmer jawline. Opt for a dimensional balayage for a beautiful, vibrant look.

Choppy bob for chubby women

Choppy bob - haircut for curvy woman

Opt for a wavy choppy bob with a side parting to make a round face look visually slimmer. The deep side parting falls diagonally across the face, concealing the width of the face. A bob that ends just below the chin is the ideal length for round faces. For a little more movement in the hair, add some loose beach waves.

Pixie bob with cropped neck

Short bob hairstyle with short neck for overweight women.

An edgy pixie bob is ideal for overweight women with thick hair. Have the back part cut shorter, with a slight angle to the front to elongate the neck and make the cheekbones look narrower.

Striking hair color and slip bangs

hairstyles for chubby women with thin hair

A collarbone bob with slip bangs is another way to make the face look nice and slim. The center parting and side hair sections hide the width of the face. The gorgeous honey-coral-copper color gives the hairstyle a "wow factor"!

Asymmetrical Pixie Cut with Long Top Hair

bob hairstyles for chubby women with round face 2021

A round face can benefit from an asymmetrical, short cut. The stark difference in hair lengths on the two sides of the face gives this bob a bold look. The angled bangs make the features look less wide.

Block strands and waves

Cool half-length hairstyle with block strands for chubby round face

Face framing block strands are a cool way to create an exciting color contrast, while shoulder length hair best flatters a round face. Add some beach waves in front to create a visual separation between the dark and light sections of hair.

Gray short hairstyle for chubby women over 60

lob hairstyle for chubby woman with square face and double chin

If you’re looking for a flattering bob for women over 60 with a double chin, you’ve come to the right place. This fringed bob ends just below the double chin, while the bangs draw attention upward to the eyes.