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11 ideas on how to spice up short hair with highlights

Short hair is stylish, flattering and super easy to maintain. Plus, you can always change up your look thanks to the endless variety of hair colors that make short hair a head-turner. If you’re looking for a way to experiment with hair color, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll show you some of the best ideas on how to spice up short hair with highlights. From caramel and copper to platinum blonde, there are so many chic options to choose from when it comes to highlights.

What you should know before you give your hair highlights

dunkelblonde Haare kinnlang mit silbernen und blonden Strähnchen

Since highlights are all about lightening your strands, you need to use a bleach first. Depending on what hair color you start with, it may take several bleaching sessions to get your hair light enough to achieve the look you want. So, if you’re a newbie to hair coloring, it’s best to make an appointment with a professional colorist for the best results. However, with a bleaching kit from the drugstore, you can easily color your short hair at home. The kit usually contains a bleaching cream, bleaching powder, conditioning shampoo and a highlighting brush. Follow the instructions on the package to achieve the desired result, and then dye your hair with your preferred hair color.

Ideas for highlights in short hairstyles

Pixie cut with blonde highlights

Pixie Cut mit blonden Strähnchen

There is no better way to bring short brown hair to life than with a chic pixie hairstyle and light blonde highlights. The combination of brown hair and blonde highlights is truly stunning and adds just the right dimension to your mane for a refreshing look.

Bob with ash blonde highlights

braune Haare und Bob mit aschblonden Strähnchen

We love bob hairstyles because they are super chic and easy to style. To spice up your bob, go for ash blonde highlights. This beige blonde shade with cool, ashy undertones looks wonderful on dark blonde and light brown hair. It is also very flattering when the ash brown highlights are combined with a dark base. Keep the front strands lighter so they frame your face nicely.

dunkle kurze haare mit hellen strähnen

Short brown or black hair with red highlights

kurze schwarze haare mit roten strähnen

We love layered cuts for short hair because they can add a lot of volume and bounce to even thin hair. We recommend adding highlights to make your look even more stylish. If you start with a darker base, it’s best to opt for dark red or copper highlights. This will make them look more natural.

Short hair with silver and blonde highlights

Kurze braune Haare mit silbernen und blonden Strähnen

Silver highlights are totally in right now and look wonderful on brown and blonde hair. To further enhance the look, go for a combination of blonde and silver highlights. This will give your hair a beautiful, metallic finish. Due to the mix of colors, it’s best to consult a professional colorist.

Kinnlanger Bob mit platinblonden weißblonden Strähnchen

Short hair with purple highlights

Kurze hellblonde Haare mit lila Strähnen

Purple highlights are an excellent choice for those who want to spice up boring looking short hair with highlights. This color can create a gorgeous contrast in your hair, whether you start with a dark or light base. Not sure which shade of purple best suits your skin type? Then read our article “Dyeing purple hair: These are the best shades of purple for your skin tone”.

Kurze braune Haare mit Bob Frisur und lila Strähnen

Short brown hair with caramel blonde highlights

Kurze braune Haare mit karamellblonden Strähnchen

Caramel blonde is a great highlight color for dark hair thanks to the perfect blend of dark brown and blonde tones. Start with a darker, golden blonde base and have lighter highlights worked into the lengths and around the face.

Karamell blonde Strähnchen auf mittellangem Haar

Short brown hair with copper highlights

kurze fransige braune Haare mit Kupfer Strähnchen

This chic hair color is all about lightening dark hair a bit while playing with copper highlights. With this hair color, you’ll add depth to your hair and are guaranteed to catch everyone’s eye.

Kurze braune Haare mit Kupfer Strähnen

Short wavy hair with pink highlights

Kurze wellige Haare mit rosa Strähnchen

Step out of your comfort zone and try out some pink highlights. This color will add a playful and sweet touch to your wavy hair. If you start with a dark base, you need to bleach your hair first and only then apply the shade of pink you want. You can learn more about pink hair in our article Dyeing Hair Pink: These are 30 of the best pink shades (for every skin type).

Frosted highlights – highlights with cap

Frosted Highlights - Strähnchen mit Haube

Frosting is a popular strand technique for short hair, which is now making its big comeback. Just remember back to your favorite boy bands from the 90s and you will already get an idea of how the look looks like. Frosted highlights are made by bleaching the ends of the hair to create a multi-dimensional effect.

Kuze braune Haare mit blonden Spitzen

Short gray hair with black highlights

Kurze graue Haare mit schwarzen Strähnen

We’ve already shown you how stylish gray hair looks in a salt-and-pepper look. If you want to spice up your short hairstyle with highlights, then you should definitely try this hair trend.

Salz und Pfeffer-Look Kurze graue Haare mit schwarzen Strähnen

Short red hair with blonde highlights

Kurze rote Haare mit blonden Strähnen

If your hair shines in mahogany or copper red, you can add interesting accents with golden blonde highlights. You will conjure up a beautiful depth of color and more visual fullness in your hair in no time. By the way, copper is an excellent shade of red for women with green eyes.

Kurzhaarfrisur rote Haare mit blonden Strähnen