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11 fashionable short hairstyles for ladies over 50 that will make you look years younger

After a certain age, we women tend to create our look so that we appear younger than we actually are. Although this is completely normal, you should at least try to be at peace with your age and feel comfortable regardless. However, when talking about self-confidence, a suitable outfit or a new hairstyle that gives us a younger look can always be beneficial. That’s why here we have collected some fashionable short hairstyles for ladies over 50 that will conceal the first signs of aging and make women in their 50s look a few years younger than they are.

The classic Pixie Cut with highlights

Classic Pixie Cut short hairstyle with highlights for ladies over 50

The Pixie is a timeless look that knows no age, and it is also very easy to maintain. This short haircut is definitely stylish and can add lots of volume to your hair. That’s why the Pixie Cut is one of the most popular short hairstyles for ladies over 50 and 60.

Contrary to popular belief, the pixie can look current and flattering on older ladies. You just need to find your perfect style and keep it in shape with a suitable product.

A modern bixie cut looks perfect on ladies over 50

Bixie Cut short hairstyle for women over 50 modern

Bixie Cut – what is it? This modern short hairstyle combines elements of the short bob and the pixie cut. It can also be called like a grown out Pixie, but it is one step longer. For extra volume, the top hair is cut in a tiered manner and styled with a straightening iron or with matching styling medium. This cut can also be wonderfully combined with upbeat hair colors and highlights.

Fashionable short hairstyles from 50: the Pixie-Bob

Pixie bob layered as fashionable short hairstyle for ladies over 50

You want to wear your hair short, but you don’t like either the classic pixie or the bob? Then the Pixie-Bob might be just the length you’ve been looking for until now.

The Pixie-Bob with steps in the top hair is very popular among women over 50, as it gives you the most height and volume. This haircut is also very low maintenance when it comes to daily styling. A blowout with a hair paste is all this look needs.

A short bob as the ideal transition between medium length and short

Grey short bob with dark roots Grey Blending

Bob hairstyles can be worn both medium length and short. Along with the pixie, the short bob is also one of the most popular short hairstyles for older ladies. In order for the short hair not to make you look older, the cut is the most important thing, but also the color.

The classic graduated bob is the ideal choice for women with thin hair. It conjures up extra volume and creates a youthful look. To go a step further, you can play with hair color and combine silver hair with dark roots, for example. If you have accepted your natural gray and want to show it off well, the so-called gray blending is perfect.

Fashionable short hairstyles from 50: layered bob Balayage

Fashionable short hairstyles for women over 50 short bob balayage graduated

If you prefer to cover your gray hair, you can try a balayage. With this coloring technique, gray hair can be successfully concealed. Combined with a short tiered bob, your new playful hair color will look great.

The curly pixie: a stylish short hairstyle for curly heads

Short curly hair from 50 modern hairstyle

Short hairstyles are not suitable for ladies with curly hair? No way! Curly heads can also wear a pixie or a short bob, regardless of age. To show off your curls, we recommend that you wear the top hair a little longer and style it with a suitable product.

Fashionable asymmetrical short hairstyles with bangs

Fringy fashionable short hairstyles for older ladies that make younger

Another gorgeous short hairstyle for ladies over 50 is the asymmetrical long pixie. In this cut, the hair on the top of the head and on one side is longer and tiered, merging into a side fringe at the forehead. The hair at the nape of the neck remains shorter. This hairstyle would look great even with gray hair.

Sassy long pixie for straight hair

Short hairstyles 2022 sassy for ladies from 50 Long Pixie

While some women are already gray at 50, the majority are in transition to it at this age. The short hairstyle is one of the best variants to go through this transition quickly and in style. Cut your hair short and spice it up with a hair color that matches your gray. Over time, you’ll find yourself having to dye your hair less and less often.

Fashionable short hairstyles: the trendy mixie cut for women over 50

Mixie Cut sassy short hairstyle from 50

Do you already know the mixie cut? This pun comes from the well known hairstyles Mullet and Pixie Cut. The Mullet is the hairstyle known in Germany as the Mullet, which became popular in the 70s. Hairdressers combined the strange cut with the classic Pixie, and that’s how the Mixie was born!

In this fashionable short hairstyle, the hair at the nape of the neck is slightly longer unlike the sides, which usually cover the ears. The hair on the top of the head is stepped to conjure up extra volume and a fringe usually comes into play as well.

The short shag is the ideal hairstyle for bold ladies over 50

Chin length shag hairstyle with bangs for ladies over 50

Try this chin-length shag cut if you want to wear an effortless, youthful 50+ look. The textured cut has side bangs that complement the layers. And the best part? The fringe adds movement and texture to add volume to your fine hair.

A fringed short haircut makes ladies over 50 look younger

Sassy blonde pixie cut for ladies over 50

This hairstyle exudes confidence and makes your eyes sparkle. If you wear glasses, they will complement this cut wonderfully. Jewelry also comes out perfectly with extremely short hair. So for all ladies over 50 who love to wear jewelry, the fringed pixie is perfect. For a little more pizzazz, you can combine your short haircut with undercut.

Wear your short haircut with confidence and you will instantly look years younger!