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Hair cut according to the lunar calendar 2022 – what is it?

Fuller hair, faster hair growth, strong hair roots and the optimal coloring result: Plan your next visit to the hairdresser according to the lunar calendar. How this works, what the moon has to do with hair and which appointments you should make a note of in 2022, you can find out here. Whether sensible or not you may then decide for yourself.


What is the lunar calendar?

How does cutting hair according to the lunar calendar work? For this you first have to understand the background. Like the Gregorian calendar, the lunar calendar consists of 12 months. Each month consists of 29 or 30 days with exactly 24 hours each. Therefore it covers only 354 days instead of 365 days. Within these dates the following four moon phases take place monthly: Full moon, waning and waxing moon as well as the new moon, which in each case introduces a new month in the lunar calendar. Moon phases thus designate the appearance of the moon in the sky.

But not only the phases of the moon are supposed to influence us and our hair, but also all 12 signs of the zodiac, which the moon passes through every month. They are to strengthen the respective moon phase with the characteristics attributed to them. So for the ideal time of your next visit to the hairdresser must be considered both the phase of the moon, and the sign of the zodiac, which is current on that very date.

The influence of the moon on hair

Those who believe in the lunar calendar are convinced of the power of the moon and therefore also of cutting hair according to the lunar calendar. After all, it controls the tides and something so powerful must also influence our body and hair. Although this is not scientifically proven, there are countless followers who believe that our biological organism cannot escape this natural, strong influence. And so, among other things, you orient yourself to the lunar calendar when cutting, caring for and coloring your hair. Depending on what you want for your hair, you can use the lunar calendar for your next visit to the hairdresser.

How to use the lunar calendar for your hairdresser visit

1. waxing moon: volume & growth for long hair

When the moon is waxing, building up and becoming stronger, it should accordingly stimulate hair growth and have a positive effect on volume. In this lunar phase, the roots and hair structure should also be strengthened. Thus, it is the ideal time for all who find their hair too thin and weak and want a strong hair.

Since the hair is said to be particularly receptive during waxing moon, a coloration can be absorbed very well and have an intensive effect. Likewise, the hair is particularly receptive to hair treatments and care products.

2. waning moon: long lasting, precise cut for short hair

In waning moon, on the other hand, it loses strength and volume. Applied to your hair, this means that it does not grow back as quickly. For this reason, this time is particularly interesting for all short hairstyles whose precise cut should remain in shape for a long time. The waning moon is also said to be the best time to remove color pigments from the hair, that is, to bleach or bleach it.

3. new moon: cutting the tips for long, strong hair.

In the new moon phase the moon regenerates itself to be able to increase in full strength again. For your hair it means the ideal time to cut the tips and let them grow back strong, long and healthy.

4th Full Moon: Strong hair roots

At full moon, the moon shines in all its power and with all its energy. This should also be transferred to your hair roots. These are particularly enjoyed and strengthened during a haircut in this lunar phase. This should make the hair grow back fuller, smoother and healthier.

How do the signs of the zodiac additionally influence the haircut according to the lunar calendar?

In addition to the phases of the moon, the signs of the zodiac are also said to influence our hair. The combination of these two energies should lead to optimal results and be taken into account according to your desire for your hair.

1st air sign: rapid hair growth

Air signs like Gemini, Libra and Aquarius blow wind in the sails, so to speak, should ensure that the hair grows faster.

2. earth and fire signs: Volume and care

The earth and fire signs Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn, Aries, Schütze and Löwe are supposed to provide more volume and a neat Löwenmähne. In these zodiac signs also cures and hair care programs should develop their best effect.

3. watermark: Hairdresser better avoid because of dandruff and dullness.

In the water signs Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio, you’d better not go to the hairdresser. You risk dandruff and dull hair ends.

Hairdresser appointments according to the lunar calendar in 2022

Here you can find out specifically on which dates the astrological energies of the moon and zodiac signs meet. Depending on your hair wishes, you can easily plan your next visit to the hairdresser.

Haircut: For long hair that needs to grow fast and strong.


Haircutting: Forür short hair, which should grow back more slowly


Hair coloring – intense, long-lasting colors.


Conclusion: Superstition or science?

The science behind the lunar calendar is astrology. Just like the belief in our horoscope and thus the influence of the zodiac signs on our lives, everyone must decide for themselves whether they want to believe in it or not. What is certain is that there are no scientific studies that confirm the effectiveness of the lunar calendar.


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