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GNTM 2022 – in episode 5 are the first model castings!

Heidi’s search for “Germany’s Next Topmodel” 2022 is in full swing. In episode five, there are plenty of castings on the schedule for the remaining models: Who can get one of the coveted jobs, who sits on the jury and who has to leave? Tikbow with all the info on GNTM 2022.

This is what happens in episode 5

At GNTM 2022 it is getting serious! For the candidates, the first castings are coming up in episode five – and we know from 17 seasons of GNTM experience: Those who don’t get a job will have a hard time deciding later. One of the castings, for example, calls for fitness skills and a job at a sports and lifestyle magazine. In addition, the models have to dress up in colorful beachwear and try to convince the customers of their worth within a very short time. Often there are only a few minutes left to make a good impression, "bang, bang, bang", comments Sophie on one of the castings afterwards.

Then it’s time to impress Heidi and a real star guest at the decision walk: None other than fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier will take his seat next to Heidi as a guest judge in episode 5. Who can score points with the two fashion superstars, who can’t?

GNTM 2022 – who is out?

In episode four, the GNTM journey ended for two candidates: 24-year-old Lenara voluntarily threw in the towel, Kashmira from Winnenden did not get a photo from Heidi. So 22 candidates remain in the race for the title of Germany’s next Topmodel" 2022.

Who are the GNTM candidates 2022?

The GNTM 2022 cast looks more diverse than ever – especially in terms of age. For example, Barbara, who at 68 is the oldest participant in the season, and 66-year-old Lieselotte are still with the team after round four. "Of course, despite their age, I’ll be just as tough on them as I am on my younger contestants. There are no exceptions. But the energy that the two of them have is palpable. There’s a lot of willpower behind it, and that’s great,” says Heidi, delighted with her new candidates. But the two best-ager models are also happy. Barbara: "To be able to experience that at my age, it does a lot to you. It’s almost the climax." Lieselotte even cried with joy and humility when she found out that she could be a part of it, as the official press release for the first episode says. In addition to the best-ager models, a mother-daughter team is competing for the title for the first time this year, and petite and curvy models are once again represented in the cast.

All GNTM candidates 2022 at a glance:

  • Barbara (68) from Flensburg
  • Luca (19) from Munich
  • Lieselotte (66) from Berlin
  • Lena (21) from Teltow
  • Jessica (21) from Berlin
  • Anita (20) from Neustadt an der Donau
  • Amaya (18) from Böblingen
  • Juliana (24) from Berlin
  • Martina (50) from Klosterneuburg
  • Inka (19) from Nierstein (Mainz)
  • Laura W. (19) from Günzach
  • Lou-Anne (18) from Klosterneuburg
  • Kim (20) from Rheine
  • Laura B. (20) from Großenhain
  • Julia (21) from Surberg
  • Kashmira (20) from Winnenden
  • Sophie (18) from Harsewinkel (Germany)
  • Wiebke (22) from Berlin
  • Vanessa (20) from Metzingen
  • Lisa-Marie (22) from Hanover
  • Lenara (24) from Lingen
  • Jasmin (23) from Düsseldorf
  • Nouml;lla (24) from Berlin
  • Annalotta (20) from Schwerte near Dortmund
  • Kristina (20) from Lübeck
  • Vivien (21) from Prien on Lake Chiemsee
  • Paulina (32) from Berlin
  • Viola (21) from Bremen
  • Emilie (19) from Tafers
  • Meline (20) from Bergisch Gladbach
  • Pauline (18) from Schwerte

Who is on the jury of GNTM season 17?

Last year, Heidi Klum was once again the only permanent jury member on "Germany’s next Topmodel" but for each episode she brought in guest judges from the fashion industry. In season 16, there were already plenty of rumors about Leni’s role in GNTM – and Heidi’s daughter, who is now a successful model herself, heated things up once again in the fall of 2021. In an interview with "Cosmopolitan" she said in response to the question of whether she would participate in the new season: "Maybe! I tried to persuade my mom to come on as a guest judge for one episode. Be curious if it worked out…" Model mom Heidi also answered the question about Leni’s role in the new season only vaguely – she might come over, that remains to be seen, said the GNTM boss at a press conference in Mykonos.

In episode 1, however, the focus was not on Leni, but on another celebrity lady alongside Heidi. In the first decision, the model mom was advised by singer Kylie Minogue. In episode two, photographer Yu Tsai took a seat on the jury folding chair. In the third episode, for the first time in a long time, the jury was made up of three people: photographer Rankin and designer Christian Cowan advised the model mom on her decision. In episode four, Heidi was assisted by model Jasmin Sanders. Now designer Jean Paul Gaultier follows.

ProSieben also announced further star photographers, designers and international top models. Among others, ex-GNTM contestant Sarina Nowak, who now works successfully as a curvy model, will also be taking part.

When will the GNTM makeover take place?

The makeover episode on GNTM is one of the absolute highlights of every season. But when exactly will the remaining candidates get their hair done? As ProSieben has now revealed, the time has come on March 10, 2022 – in other words, in episode 6. Then the models can finally show their mützen on social media as well…

The new GNTM theme song – by Heidi höchstpersönlich!

In previous years, "Tokio Hotel", the band around Heidi’s husband Tom Kaulitz, provided the background music for the casting show. GNTM 2022 is different, the title song is sung by none other than Heidi herself! Without further ado, the model mom has teamed up with rapper Snoop Dogg and produced the song “Chai Tea with Heidi” as the opener for the show.

"Germany’s Next Topmodel – by Heidi Klum” – the 17th season, always on Thursdays, at 20:15 on ProSieben.


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