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Fat-away injection for double chin – how dangerous is it?

Sometimes weight fluctuations are to blame or it’s down to genetics – a double chin quickly makes the face look wider. The Kybella beauty procedure promises to help in the long term. Tikbow found out everything there is to know about the fat-removal injection by talking to a specialist.

Baroque painter Peter Paul Rubens considered double chins to be sexy, but not everyone enjoys a sagging chin when they look in the mirror. Anyone who feels uncomfortable can fight the double chin with a fat-removal injection. For this purpose, preparations such as Kybella are injected. The best thing about the minimally invasive procedure is that it is over in less than 15 minutes and is relatively painless.

What happens with fat-away injections for the double chin?

"Fat-away injections are used to treat small, localized fat deposits. The injected solutions usually consist of bile acid. This ingredient causes the membrane of the fat cells to burst. This results in a deliberate inflammatory reaction, during which fat is released and transported away. The majority of the fat cells are actually permanently destroyed. In the USA, a preparation is used that consists only of bile acid – Kybella. In Europe, on the other hand, mixed preparations are used that contain soy lecithin in addition to bile acid, explains Tatjana Pavicic, MD, who runs a private practice for dermatology and aesthetics in Munich.

How the double chin treatment works

In order to successfully treat the chin area with a fat-removal injection, it should first be clarified whether the double chin is actually an excess of fat or just sagging skin. The procedure works only for the first case. If the double chin is caused by excess fat, the treated area under the chin is first marked. Then the injection solution is injected into the subcutaneous fat with a very fine needle," says the specialist. There is no need to fear pain. A bedding ointment, a cold pack or professional cooling systems that can lower the temperature on the skin surface to as low as minus 30 degrees prevent you from feeling more than a small prick and a slight burning sensation.

For whom is injection lipolysis suitable?

Fat-lowering präparates such as Kybella or mixed präparates are not intended for weight loss. If you suffer from chronic diseases or a wound healing disorder, you are also unsuitable for the procedure. However, for submental puffiness, such as a double chin, or love handles, fat-blasting injections are perfect,” emphasizes Pavicic.

Double chin injections – Aftercare and costs

Theoretically, you can have the fat-removal injection administered during your lunch break, but the treatment is not completely risk-free. In many cases, swelling occurs after the treatment, but this usually subsides after three to four days. A bruise or tightening in the chin area are also common side effects. Sometimes, however, small lumps form. To prevent this from happening, the expert recommends self-massage. "Massage the treated area in the direction of the lymph flow twice a day for several minutes for five to seven days. In this way, you not only prevent lumps, but also promote fat removal."

And to make sure everything heals well, a sauna session is recommended the first week after the procedure.
Taboo. Sports and sun are allowed again from day three. If you are interested in a treatment with a fat-removal injection, you should calculate about 300 euros per session for a treatment on the double chin. Depending on the individual situation, two to four sessions at intervals of about six weeks are necessary for a satisfactory result.


With expert advice from Dr. Tatjana Pavicic, private practice for dermatology and aesthetics in Munich.