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Zara is the most searched fashion brand in the world

Which fashion brand is searched for most on the Internet worldwide? A British study looked into this question and evaluated the Google queries of the individual countries. A gigantic fashion company from Spain came out on top. The results at a glance.

At the beginning of the year, the British price comparison website published the world map of the hottest fashion brands according to Google search queries, and now there is a new version – and it actually looks quite different from the previous one: in 37 countries, the Spanish brand Zara is ahead and is thus the record holder. Nike and Zalando follow in second and third place, with the former brand scoring particularly well in Latin America, Asia and Oceania.

World map of the most searched barnds
Very colorful! A map now shows which fashion brands are searched for most and where.Photo:

Whereas in the previous year the luxury brand Louis Vuitton was at the top of the list, it is currently much cheaper alternatives that dominate Google searches: Brands such as Asos, H&M and Fashion Nova, a fast-fashion company from the USA, are among the top 10.

Fashion brands in Europe
On the Fashioin world map, Europe shows a very clear trend Photo:

How Europe searches for fashion brands on Google

In Europe, the overall result is clearly supported by the data: In 21 of the 46 countries evaluated, Zara ranks first in Google searches. Last year’s winner Louis Vuitton is only ahead in Luxembourg, while in 14 countries the German company Zalando, which in turn combines numerous brands, has secured pole position. The Swedish clothing giant H&M takes first place in terms of Google searches in only two countries – Hungary and Romania.

Fahsion brands in North America
Which brands are particularly popular in North America?Photo:

In North America other brands are searched for

A look at the North American map reveals a completely different set of brand names: In the Caribbean states, the U.S. clothing giant Fashion Nova, which was founded in 2006 and is largely unknown in Europe, clearly dominates. Canada is dominated in terms of search queries by the local brand Lululemon, which specializes primarily in sportswear. In the neighboring USA, Macy’s is in first place, the country’s largest department store operator, whose headquarters in New York are known far beyond the country’s borders.