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With cape and tiara! Jennifer Lopez in a royal look at “Dolce & Gabbana”.

Cape, tiara, brocade and lots of bling-bling: J.Lo’s styling motto for the “Dolce & Gabbana” fashion show was apparently “more is more”! The result was a look that was hard to beat in terms of extravagance – and also had one or two hooks. Glamorous or already over it? Tikbow does the style check.

From J.Lo we are used to wow performances, best example: her legendary "Jungle Dress"-walk on the "Versace"-runway. Now the singer dressed up again for another design house. At the Dolce & Gabbana fashion show in Venice, Jennifer Lopez opted for a colorful, glittering brocade look that made it hard to know where to look first. From head to toe; a head-turner!

J.Lo’s look – close to a stimulusüberflutung

J.Los outfit consisted of a über and über with gemstones trimmed bustier, plus pleated pants made of heavy, floral-patterned and noble-shimmering brocade. As if the two statement pieces alone weren’t eye-catching enough, the 52-year-old also wore a floor-length cape with stand-up collar, also made of the colorful fabric. Shoes and bag were no less eye-catching, the tiara on her head did the rest. Pattern mix, glitter and different fits – with all that was going on in this look, the thought of an irritationüberflut was close, but somehow the style was coherent. J.Lo looked like the modern (and stylish) interpretation of a flaunting queen in this outfit.

However, one small detail was probably üoverlooked during the styling: The wind revealed a bright label in the türkisen lining of the cape – that was certainly not planned!

Jennifer Lopez at the Dolce&Gabbana event in Venice.
The wind in Venice revealed the price tag on JLo’s capePhoto: dpa picture alliance

More glow is not possible!

Label glitter or not, J.Lo was radiant on this evening in Venice! She styled her beautiful mane into a lavish updo that allowed a glimpse of her opulent earrings. However, the show was stolen by a gold tiara on her head:

In keeping with all the glitter, the make-up was glowy – but comparatively discreet –. She wore her eyes darkly accentuated, and a nude gloss glistened on her lips. But J.Lo’s make-up artist meant it a bit too well: The upper lip was painted a bit too much with lipliner – probably to make it look fuller – but that didn’t detract from the overall look.