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Winter styling mistakes: Avoid these 6 no-go’s for a hip women’s outfit!

Somehow, styling in the winter seems more complicated than in the warmer months. You have so many layers that you have to combine skillfully without looking too cluttered. The outfit should keep you warm and dry, while of course looking fashionable and stylish. Is there anything you should keep in mind or, rather, avoid? Absolutely! We have summarized 6 typical winter styling mistakes and how to solve the problem.

The right winter style for ladies: The wrong layering done right

Avoid the wrong layering with these tips

Layering is without question trendy and also looks really stylish, provided you do it right. Because one of the styling mistakes in winter is precisely related to it. The so-called onion outfit also perfect if you do not quite trust the weather: several layers make it possible to simply take off something if you get too warm after all. However, just combining layers randomly can quickly have the opposite effect of what you want, which is a fashionable outfit.

For example, if short women add a layer that is too long, their legs can quickly look even shorter. Curvy ladies, on the other hand, might visually add a few more kilos to layers that are too thick, while very slim women might just drown in them. You are on the safe side if, for example, you simply opt for a slightly longer blouse or shirt over which you wear a sweater that is shorter. Legwear, on the other hand, should be balancing, i.e. close-fitting, whether it’s pants, jeans or a skirt.

Winter styling mistakes: Combining coat and sweater incorrectly

Combine coat or winter jacket with the right sweaters

It is particularly cold outside or you are simply a frostbite and therefore like it particularly cozy warm? That in itself is not a problem and you are of course welcome to reach for your favorite sweater. What you should avoid, however, is squeezing it into a jacket that doesn’t actually have room for so much textile. Because if you stuff the thick fabric of the sweater into the tight coat or jacket, you will quickly look chubbier than you actually are.

Therefore, it is better to choose the garments complementary. If you want the sweater to be nice and thick and oversized, make sure that the jacket or coat is cut wider. Or vice versa: If the jacket is tight-fitting and thickly padded, wear something thinner underneath. As with layering, complement plump tops with tighter legwear for a harmonious overall look.

Do not underestimate the effect of beautiful shoes!

Styling mistakes in winter - Unkempt shoes ruin the outfit

…and accordingly also unattractive shoes! Many think that no one pays attention to the accessories down there on the floor anyway, and it’s exactly this thinking that leads us to another winter styling mistake. Even the most inconspicuous pair of shoes can attract attention, especially if they are not well maintained or even dirty. So, apart from the fact that you should clean them regularly (especially in the wet seasons they get dirty quickly), care is also important to avoid unsightly water marks caused by snow or rain, for example. So the next time you buy shoes, do not refuse the waterproofing spray that the nice saleswoman offers you.

Try to choose shoes also according to the weather. For example, if it is damp or raining, leave the suede boots in the closet and go for models made of water-repellent material – fashionable rubber boots or synthetic leather, for example. Again, save the more delicate models for a drier day.

Don’t forget the outfit under the sweater!

Styling mistakes in winter - Do not wear a nice top under the sweater

You’ve invested so much time in choosing the perfect sweater to go with your pants and coat, and then suddenly you find yourself much warmer inside than you thought. In itself, yes, no problem, just take off the sweater and… oh dear, the top underneath is not suitable for the office at all or just an unsightly undershirt! So that this doesn’t happen to you again, dress stylishly even under the sweater, according to the onion principle. Depending on your cold tolerance, it can be a long-sleeved shirt or a short-sleeved blouse, for example.

Dresses and skirts, yes, but with warm legs, please.

Styling mistakes in winter - tights for short dresses and skirts

There is nothing to stop you from wearing short clothes even in winter. But then with the right accessories and that is of course the good old tights . Whether fine tights (but thicker than in summer) or a fashionable, knitted with patterns does not matter, the main thing is that you have it warm and it creates a winter outfit. Alternatively, knee socks or leggings are also suitable.

By the way, the same applies to socks. Especially if you are outdoors a lot, thick socks are a must-have to keep your feet warm. But since sooner or later you will take off your shoes or boots, these socks should not only be stylish, but most importantly, intact. After all, it would be embarrassing if you’re visiting spontaneously and your toe suddenly peeks through a hole. So get rid of those holey or worn out socks and bring on some cool, new styles.

Winter styling mistakes – bonus tip: Before the season even starts…

Before the winter season check through the closet

… try on last year’s clothes. Of course, you don’t have to clean out your entire closet and re-dress every season. But it may well be that some pieces are no longer so fashionable after all, or perhaps even no longer fit at all. Moths might have eaten them away or one or the other piece was already broken last year, but you completely forgot about it.

So that you are not suddenly without sufficient combination options at the beginning of winter, make a test run in advance and see what can and should go and what you should replace with new models.