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Winter outfit with skirt and boots 2022: The best tips to stay warm and stylish

Skirts are great for creating pretty, feminine and stylish outfits in winter. But even if you want to dress ladylike, you need to stay warm and feel comfortable. It’s quite easy to look fabulous, feel young and beautiful when you wear skirts in the cold season. Whether you prefer mini, midi or maxi skirts, the best winter outfit with skirt and boots is affordable, comfortable, fashionable and sustainable.

Winter outfit: combine skirt with boots

How to combine a skirt and boots for winter outfit

Combining a skirt and boots in winter may seem simple, but it can be difficult depending on the length of the skirt or the style. You need to combine two different fashion trends so that it doesn’t look like you are wearing two outfits. If you wear a skirt that is too long with high boots, you can easily “cut off” your legs. Here are a few important length and style tips to keep in mind when wearing a winter outfit with a skirt and boots.

How to wear a mini skirt with boots?

Combine the short skirt with boot heels for more comfort

There is no more stylish look than a mini skirt with boots. If you are reading this article, you probably agree that this fashionable combination is timeless, fancy and stylish. Before you wear a pair of boots with a short skirt, think about the potential challenges of this duo. You want to make sure the boots match the style of the skirt to enhance the look and not look awkward or stifling.

When pairing a mini skirt with a pair of tall or short boots, make sure they match in style and color.

  • Short skirts with ankle boots: if you wear a winter skirt, make sure the fabric is thick and heavy enough. Otherwise, the wind may blow through the skirt and cause discomfort. If you have found such a mini skirt, you can wear short skirts with ankle boots. To have a warming layer, combine it with a woolen stocking, and you are ready to show off your skirt with boots.

A very trendy and elegant winter outfit is to combine the mini skirt with knee high boots

  • Mini skirt and knee-high boots: as a rule of thumb, you can pair a mini skirt with almost any boots. If you’re planning a night out with the girls or a date, it’s best to pair your favorite mini skirt with elegant knee-high boots. A little bit attractive, a little bit classy – this outfit will make your legs look longer. Combine it with a long-sleeved top, minimalist jewelry and, if it’s especially chilly, you can complete the look with opaque tights.

Winter outfit with flared skirt and boots - trendy look for the cold months

  • Flared mini skirt and boots: mini doesn’t have to mean figure-hugging. A flared leather or denim mini skirt adds dimension to the outfit and pairs well with knee-high boots.

Combine midi skirt and boots in winter

Modern look with split midi skirt and suede boots for the colder months

  • Side split midi skirt and suede boots: heading to brunch? Pair suede boots with your favorite midi skirt for the perfect mix of comfort and warmth. Midi skirts with a small slit work best, as they add a feminine layer to the boots and break up the look with a little more dimension. Complete the look with a sweater before stepping out in style.

Midi skirt with high heeled boots to elongate the line of the legs

  • Midi skirts with high heeled boots: if you want to combine a long midi skirt with a pair of boots, you should try wearing boots with a heel. While wearing flat boots with midi skirts can shorten the line of the leg, wearing boots with a heel can lengthen the line of the leg. Since boots traditionally have a more masculine aesthetic, adding a heel to your footwear can give your entire outfit a feminine vibe and accentuate the girly qualities of the skirt. Give block heels a try. You certainly won’t regret it.

Pencil skirt with heeled ankle boots for a stylish winter look

  • Plain pencil skirt and ankle boots: if you like to wear boots to the office, ankle boots are the best choice for you. There are many different models and basic colors, and ankle boots are best combined with an elegant pencil skirt and a plain blouse or sweater. Here, too, you do not have to worry about losing your style. The pencil skirt will emphasize any figure, and a small heel in the ankle boot will give you some height and perfect your silhouette.

How to style a maxi skirt with boots?

Maxi skirt with flat boots for an everyday winter look

Whether you’re looking for styles to go with wide, flowy maxi skirts or figure-hugging ones, you’ll probably find something on this list that’s already lying dormant in your closet. If not, at least you’ll have some helpful tips ready for your next shopping trip.

  • Maxi skirt with flat boots: they work so well that the height of the shaft and the style of the boots hardly matter. Knee-high, ankle-high, lace-up, side-zip – they all work great.

The long skirt can be worn with heeled ankle boots

  • Combine with booties and ankle boots with heels: As mentioned earlier, the shaft height of boots hardly matters because of the length of maxi skirts. If you prefer a pair of ankle boots and your skirt is not long enough to cover the tops, you can always add tights to create a look that is ideal for winter.

Boots with heels and maxi skirts go great together

  • Maxi skirt with high heeled boots: just like their shorter counterparts, high heeled boots go wonderfully with maxi skirts. For a cohesive look, choose a pair of boots that extend past the hem of the skirt so that no leg is showing. If your skirt has a simple shape and is plain, the boots can set the tone of the outfit. If your maxi skirt has a strong personality, opt for simple, streamlined boots that will flatter the skirt rather than compete with it.