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Winter fashion from 60: the best tips for the winter wardrobe that every mature woman should know

Sometimes the simplest wardrobe changes can have a magical effect on your personality, especially if you’re in your sixties. So how do you dress from 60? We’re here to help. Great style can still show up at 60, as we reveal the best winter fashion from 60 to achieve an outfit that definitely suits your age.

Winter fashion from 60: what are the main trends for this season?

Winter fashion from 60 - combine the right clothes parts

Every season needs its own fashion, which means that every style-conscious mature woman needs to put together a wardrobe for each upcoming season. Your wardrobe depends entirely on your fashion sense, comfort level and personal taste. Nevertheless, there are some must-have clothing items for every woman’s closet. Today, we’ll discuss what to wear over 60 during the winter season.

Which tops to choose?

Winter fashion from 60 - you have to choose the right obreparts

You need to choose a top that you want to wear. However, try to have at least one piece of the following tops in your closet.

  • A blouse with long sleeves and round neckline is a must-have this season. We recommend you to buy plain blouses in several colors of your choice to have more freedom in putting outfits together.
  • Many may think that a button-down blouse is out of date. But the truth is that these shirts never go out of style because they combine well with other clothes and can be worn in more than one way.
  • A nice turtleneck sweater will add charm to your look.
  • A simple but elegant sweater should not be missing from any winter wardrobe. Choose something long enough to pair with a simple pair of pants or jeans.

Never too old to wear denim

For the most comfortable outfit in winter, you can combine jeans with a cardigan or a coat

Bottoms are an essential part of any winter outfit. You need something warm and comfortable, not too tight and thin to cause discomfort, and not too wide to hide the shape of your legs.

Dark jeans are a valuable addition to your closet. A pair of straight leg jeans, a long white shirt and boots are a stylish and simple combination.

Skinny jeans or leggings are also a must-have to dress up your winter wardrobe. The idea of wearing all thick and heavy clothes to be cozy and warm can be modernized by wearing tight fitting jeans, a shirt and a long warm coat or cardigan. This will give you an asymmetrical look.

With a colorful or simple red scarf, you can cover your neck and look stylish as well.

Add animal prints

Winter fashion from 60 - animal patterns will make your outfit great

You’ve probably worn animal prints at least once in your life, and you don’t have to stop now. Animal prints never really go out of style. They are a staple pattern and can be worn for practically any occasion. But they seem to be more popular in some seasons than others. Winter 2022/23 is one of them!

Subtle animal patterns look great on women 60+, especially when mixed and matched with other solid colors. If you’re new to this, start with small items like a leopard print handbag or a zebra patterned scarf and then move on to main pieces like shirts, skirts or coats.

Complement your look with bright colors

Embellish your look with a piece of clothing in bright colors

A common cliché about aging is that you should only wear boring colors because otherwise you will look out of place. This is a misconception, because any color is possible and looks impressive if you manage to style it right.

If you are going to buy new outfits this season, we recommend you to buy at least one piece that is bold and colorful. You will then find that it will have a great impact on your life and bring a lot of positivity and good mood. It doesn’t have to be a specific color: red, blue, green, yellow and any other color your heart desires. You can combine black pants or leggings with a bright sweater of your choice, and it will look stunning without a doubt.

Winter fashion from 60: beautiful everyday outfit.

Winter fashion from 60 - a simple outfit for everyday life.

You can manage to look stylish and elegant if you follow some basic rules. It is important to wear properly fitting and well sewn clothes that emphasize your waist, whether it is big or small. Avoid showing too much skin, too short tops or skirts look inappropriate. Always wear a supportive and well-fitting bra. It will enhance the overall look of your outfit.

A perfect fitting pants for the cold months.

A few pants for the winter wardrobe you need to choose

Try to choose pants according to the color palette of your tops. This way, putting outfits together will be less complicated.

Choose a lightweight wool blend (wool/lycra is best) in black, charcoal or navy blue. The cut of the pants is crucial and the length must be just right. Buy straight-leg or wide-leg pants that go well with shirts and sweaters.

Winter fashion from 60: the long skirt is a must

Another essential piece of clothing is a classic skirt. Choose an A-line skirt or a pencil skirt made of warmer and comfortable fabrics. Pleated skirts and leather skirts are also good choices.